Monday, June 14, 2010

First Post!

Back in 2003, both Sam & I had our own separate blogs on livejournal, they were both for friends-only and we kept these blogs to keep in touch with each other as I went off to university. Later in 2004, we started selling on livejournal as "Lipgloss and Black" and had a shared blog there. That's been our online 'home' for years and we'd been reluctant to leave because it's where we began blogging and where we had hundreds of people following us... but in the last few years it's been a bit slower there, with fewer and fewer responses to our posts, we finally decided to now switch over to blogspot.

We're hoping that here we will blog more often & with more photos. At our old blog, we had set goals like "tutorial tuesdays" to force ourselves to post weekly at the very least. We weren't getting many responses to our posts & then we missed posting on those days it was a bit discouraging. A wise woman named Oprah once told her recurring guest Kirstie Alley that she shouldn't set herself goals if she knew that they were nearly impossible because she would set herself up for failure. So we're not gonna be too lofty here and aim to "wear that bikini on tv", but hope to post regularly again-- like the good ol' days :)

If you're new to the world of Lipgloss and Black, here's what you've missed:
Sam and I are sisters and independent clothing and accessory designers. Business started in 2004 when we began making cutesy tote bags and selling them on livejournal. We'd always been a bit off-beat fashion-wise and found it tough to find clothes that were unique in stores. We often reconstructed and altered our own clothes and soon we began to feel confident enough in our sewing ability to share our reconstructed clothing with the world. We sold our wares via ebay for a while and then switched our shop over to etsy. We were featured in CosmoGirl magazine in 2007 as top inspiring aspiring designers or something ;). Up until 2008, L&B had been a part-time endeavour, as we were both in school studying, but finally we've decided to not get real jobs and struggle to make a living from what we love. We're always struggling and always trying to be creative so it should be pretty interesting to see what we're up to ♥



  1. Awww I'm sorry for the lack of responses on your lj posts, I tended to lurk more versus actually commenting but I'm glad you're back!

  2. so glad to see you back at regular blogging! i missed both your posts on the l&b lj and your own! so stoked!

  3. I'm so excited you guys are back to blogging again! Looking forward to your posts!

  4. thank you so much ladies! we're totally feeling the love & are very inspired to be posting regularly right now :) xoxo

  5. I'm so excited you guys are back to blogging again! Looking forward to your posts!


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