Monday, September 26, 2011

236: tutorial - diy nail decals

I used to love buying nail decals and 3d nail stickers because they were such an easy way to jazz up a plain nail polish job. I just learned a way to make your own home nail decals & wanted to share with you!

It's an awesome alternative to doing hand-painted nail art on your nails. You can work on a flat surface instead of on your nails & you don't have problems with applying on your dominant hand! So your left hand & right hand nails will be equally neat :)

Check it out! All you need are your nail polishes and a sandwich bag!

Just start drawing on your sandwich bag with your nail polishes. use whatever tools you would typically use to achieve the details, like striper brushes, toothpicks etc.

I decided to start with simple hearts & just doodled more things on the sheet as I went.

eventually I started drawing sanrio characters. haha

A helpful tip that I learned was to do a topcoat of clear nail polish over & around your decal design.

Let your decals dry for SUPER long, like a few hours.
After they're dry, it should be easy to just bend the sandwich bag and then peel the corner of topcoat with some tweezers! The topcoat acts as a border that you can start peeling from so that you don't ruin the actual design of your decal!

You now have decals!

To apply, just put a coat of fresh nail polish on & stick the decal on your still-wet nail. Make sure to press all the clear edges down so that you don't have any bubbly spots.

Then put on some topcoat & you're done!

Pretty cool right?


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  1. This is such a great DIY!! I love it :)

  2. That's genious! I love those!  unfortunately i'm not talented as you to "paint" with nail polish ....

  3. OMG that's the coolest thing ever!!! now my designs would be more even =] 

  4. Nail decals are ugly and terrible nowadays, so making your own is just crazy brilliant. 

  5. Just stumbeled into your blog from google... love it. There's alot of inspiration in here! 

  6. ahh!!!  I love this too!!  I never have time to sit and paint my nails and I've been wanting to try the decals, but this is even cooler!  I love it! <3


  7. :O omg! this is fantastic! great idea. greetings from Poland :)


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