Monday, September 12, 2011

227: solestruck!

You know how we love our shoes?! You know how we love solestruck?
Well, they're having a contest on their facebook page right now & I could win $200 towards a pair of shoes :)

The contest runs every few weeks & currently submissions are all in & it's time to vote. It would mean the world if you guys would take a minute to put in your votes for me! You just need to go to the Photobooth App and find my picture on the page of Votable Entries.

My entry is called lita, lita, lita!

You can vote everyday & the contest ends on the 18th!
Thanks in advance princesses! ♥


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  1. Good luck! I love that you have the galaxy top on in your photo. And it was so cool to see the skull cut-out tee on LA INk, on more than one episode!


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