Monday, September 5, 2011

222: tutorial - rainbow galaxy nails

just another manic(ure) monday!

A lot of my friend & e-friends clearly know my tastes well & have showed me some awesome galaxy nails online. I thought I'd give it a try because the results look SO amazing & surprisingly, it was really easy to achieve the look!

Here's what we're going for.

start off with a rainbow of colours. most importantly, a black & a white.
I used a light green, yellow and pink to create my "rainbow nebulas".

your paintbrush for this project will be a makeup sponge!

start by base coating your nails in any black colour & letting it dry completely.
I chose one with some silvery shimmer to it.

then take your makeup sponge and apply a dab of nail polish to one corner of it.
(this isn't the green I ended up using because it was a bit too sheer)

Then take the nail polish and just dab it on your nail in a few random spots.

Do the same with each of your nails! Just randomize where you dab the green so that each nail is different. A good alternative for this colour would have been a light blue (but I didn't have one, hah).

Next, grab your next colour and using the same process with the sponge, dab it on your nails INSIDE the green colour.

so you should have sorta "nebula" spots on random places.

then take your pink polish & apply to the sponge
& dab it on your nails on any remaining black spots (but don't cover the black completely)

You might have pretty textured nails at this point, but that's okay!

take your white nail polish out.
hopefully you have a striper brush, but if not, a toothpick will work as well.

dot your nails with "stars" and make a few random "starbursts" too.

& continue with the rest of your nails!
you'll probably have dabbed nail polish on your fingers as well, so use a q-tip to carefully remove any excess & then topcoat!

& voila!
I found this manicure to be REALLY easy & the results look amazing, if I do say so myself! Using a makeup sponge as a brush is definitely a useful trick :)


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  1. Uhhhmazing. I am trying this out sometime.

  2. You must be going through the nail polish remover like crazy with all these nail art tuts... We love you for it! Love your tutorials.

  3. hahaha, luckily since there's two of us, we each are only doing our nails once every two weeks! Glad you're liking them! ;)

  4. Im going to do this with other color , brilliant idea ladies !!!

  5. have you seen this shiny dots nail art?
    it is gorgeous but i have no idea how to go about recreating it. any ideas?

  6. It's actually just holographic nail polish in a few different colours! :)

  7. love ittt!!! .. my friend followed ur instructions on now to give ur bags a galaxy feel but she did it on her converse shoes!! and it looked great! omgggg i was like =O did u read Syl and Sam's blog?? and she's like yesssss that's how I learnt to do it!! s2.. u are awesomee hehe... btw Syl thanks so much for the link to the convertible dress site =]!! How much did you buy the dress for? I couldnt see the prices there.. but I know long dresses are soo much more expensive!



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