Sunday, September 18, 2011

229: some help?

I've been asking for the past week for votes & it's the LAST day for voting in the solestruck contest to win $200 towards a pair of shoes :) I already posted once about the details in THIS POST & am so thankful for everyone who has taken a minute to vote for me!

Just to summarize again-- you just need to go to the Photobooth App and find my picture on the page of Voteable Entries & click on the RED "VOTE NOW" button.

My entry is called "lita, lita, lita" by Sylvia!

Oh the shoes I would get with that gift certificate ♥

jeffrey campbell nightwalk, jeffrey campbell benched,
jeffrey campbell warning, jeffrey campbell rockin,
senso delilah, senso wilma


By the way, we've been busy working on some cool Halloween stuff for the shop & I'm so excited to share it with you-- later this week, I hope!


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