Thursday, September 8, 2011

225: suit up!

a) I made detachable collars. IN LEATHER. dream come true. they're for sale at our .com and etsy
b) my hair is still short... but long enough that I can pretend it's long. with like 5 bobby pins and half a can of hairspray. wooooooooo

anyone have good wig recommendations? kanekalon? does it look 'real'?!


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  1. love the coloring of your bun =]
    very cute collar~ too bad my neck is too short =[ 

  2. i was going to ask you where you got the hair to do that bun! the collar is so cute with that top.

  3. super cool love the hair I have a hair donut that I use to put my hair up like that hehe I love it :D no idea about the wigs sorry. I love the collers!

  4. it's a sock in there! lol, basically the equivalent of a boy stuffing a sock in their underwear. ;)

    ty bb!!

  5. Love the style. But just wondering how you did your hair. Really amazing..


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