Monday, September 19, 2011

230: tutorial - glitter tip nails

Today's manicure monday is all about glitter tipped nails!

If you follow along every Monday & saw last week's ombre nails tutorial, the method is the same but this week's results are a bit easier to achieve!

This is the look we're going for!

Start with a dark base, a glitter polish & some top coat.

You'll also need a small piece of a makeup sponge. Just rip a piece off to use.

Start with a few coats of your base colour. Let it dry thoroughly!

Then, take a small amount of your glitter polish & apply it to the sponge.

Gently dab the glitter onto the tip of your nails, keeping the glitter layer thick at the top of your nail & dabbing slightly less as you go further down the nails. Only put glitter on the top half of your nail.

Continue with the rest of your nails & don't worry about the sloppy texture for now.

& then topcoat!
I like to topcoat twice over glitter so that it's sealed in there & my nails aren't textured.



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  1. I don't know how you guys come up with so many cool nail ideas! All of them are super cute, but I love this especially.

  2. Aaahhh!! I wish I had this tutorial when I first started doing glitter tipped nails! This way is so much easier than trying to control the amount of glitter on the brush tip. I'll for sure be doing it this way from now on.

  3. Sooooo cute!
    Have you guys ever done any newsprint transferring? I saw some videos on it, but not sure how well it actually works... :)

  4. i love thiss!!! cool idea for me to change up some extreme colours that i would not wear by itself because im not used to extreme colours but adding glitters can ton the colours down the base colour.. im struggling with red polish, i will try red with soem glitters and see how it goes =]


  5. I have the exact same purple nail glitter polish! <3 Love how sparkly it is everytime i use it :)

  6. Cool! I love the nail tutorials you guys put up :D always soo much fun

  7. I love doing this design... but I stuck w/ boring navy and silver glitters... this is so much more fun =D 

  8. I love the glitter just on the ends, gonna try that this weekend!

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