Thursday, September 1, 2011

221: social networking

Sorry we've been MIA for a while! The two of us are usually cooped up at home all day, working in front of our sewing machines and computers and, to be totally honest, we're a bit anti-social. I mean, we love to get together with friends and family and we love to talk, obviously, but we don't tend to make the time for it.

Because my birthday recently happened, I ended up talking to so many friends who I didn't get to see. We ended up planning a half-dozen meet-ups with close friends this past week! There were lotsa visits to our place, coffee shop hangouts & even some outlet shopping with a blogger friend.

We're also trying our best to change our blog content a bit now. What initially started this year as a blog-everyday goal has fine tuned itself a bit. Now that we're 8 months in, we are trying to blog mostly about the stuff that our readers want to read! So that means, no blog posts every single day... but more "good content" instead of fillers.

We'll update you on our date with Katrina of The Demure Muse tomorrow!


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