Thursday, September 22, 2011

233: crystal head

If you've been spying closely on us, you may have already seen Sam's face all done up a la Rick Genest (zombie boy). If not, well, you should know that I'm not the only one here that's been hanging out in crazy makeup.

Later tomorrow-- our Halloween lookbook will be posted!


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  1. Eeep! You gals have got to do a tutorial on this or something! I would love to rock this for Halloween! Such an amazing job! Can't wait to see the Halloween lookbook.

  2. Sam looks amazing rocking the Rick Genest look! You guys come up with the best things. ;)

  3. haha, it just comes down to an art of shading with kohl liner and black eyeshadow!
    maybe I'll just do it again & photo document the steps :) <3

  4. This completely wins the award for best facepaint job. I had no idea how effective shading could be when doing something like this :0


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