Thursday, September 29, 2011

237: lita damage :(

So I used to treat all of my material possessions with great care & was always trying to keep things in super-perfect condition. My friends were scared to ruin anything that belonged to me & would laugh at me because I would return their items in even better condition than they came in. As I got older, I learned that it was more fun to just wear out my shoes or clothes & have fun instead of fearing the elements or worrying about looking picture perfect all the time.

That said, I'm not SUPER careful with my shoes. Of course, I spray them with weather protectant & polish them when necessary... but I also stomp around & let myself get messy sometimes. My shoes have battle scars of scuffs & scratches and sometimes some spilled drinks and barf. It's okay with me! My litas are probably my most-worn heels & they've been to plenty of parties... but I was really shocked to see that they were starting to split in the strangest spot!

The sole is peeling off under the curve of the heel :( on BOTH shoes!

my damaged litas :(

I'm sure I can fix this with some Goop but I just need to figure out how I should bind them while the glue dries.

Has this happened to anyone else's litas...?! or am I just super unlucky?


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  1. Seeing as it's happening on both shoes simultaneously, I would contact Jeffery Campbell to see if there's anything they can do! Sounds to me like it might be a defect in construction rather than wear & tear :s

  2. I was wondering if I should contact the shop I bought them from or contact JC directly?... but they have no customer service contact info! :(

  3. Oh nooooos, sorry I'm no help, but I do think these babies should last longer considering they cost so much!

  4. You know those plastic tie thingies? (I don't know what they're called ;.;) anyway, what I do is apply the glue and then use one of them to tie the shoe together. Afterwards I just cut if off, and it works really well.

  5. Thats poop for how much your paying for the boots you would think they wouldn't do that.. and they should have customer service thats really silly! :( I hope you can glue them back.

  6. CALL THE COMPANY!!!! you can always find contact info under "contact us" on the website! try the place you got them from first then JC. its worth it. It could be a defect as someone said. they dont recall shoes like they do baby toys n such but if someone else had that problem, they will most likely ablige. its a billion dollar company, someone will help!

  7. How's your shoes? You're not alone. My Lita ripped yesterday and I have no idea what to do. :(


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