Thursday, July 29, 2010

studio shots!

So we just got back a full set of photos from our shoot last week! I can't even believe it's only been a week since the shoot-- the photographer, Leslie was so amazingly fast at editing the photos and getting them back to us. She was so professional about communication and then at the shoot, she was so great to be around & even brought us all croissants and watermelon! Loved it :)

Anyway, as promised here are a few of the shots!

Model: Amber Dawn
Photographer: Lasally
MUA: Tannia Plytas
Wardrobe: Lipgloss and Black

Pretty much this was our first in-studio shoot & it all went so well, we hope to do more very soon! Let me know what you guys think-- isn't Amber so cute?

ps, I meant to blog about the monster ball first but Sam had most of our pics, so I'll leave it up to her :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

walk, walk, fashion baby.

This morning, Samantha & I ventured out of our little studio to go out & do something. We were invited to bring our designs to a studio photoshoot downtown, so we jumped at the opportunity. It was a small shoot, with just one model, one photog, one mua & the two of us with about 4 of our outfits.

We headed to Owl Studios in Liberty Village & spent about 3 or 4 hours at the shoot. We were basically playing the stylists but with little experience in the studio, we didn't really know what type of makeup or hair to ask for... we just let the MUA, Tannia, do whatever she thought would suit our designs. It worked out well too because she made the model look phenomenal!

For now, we just have a couple of shots that we took while we were there. We're SUPER excited to see the legit shots from the photog though & will share them as soon as they come in ;)

walking into the studio building. doesn't it seem like this is open to the outside? i had to look up and double check that the skylights had glass in them!

owl studio! pretty cool loft setup.

Amber & Tannia

amber posing :)

in the kitchen... dripping watermelon juice on my legs. it was so hot, pleather shorts were a bad choice.

sam. takin care of business, everyday.

next post-- our trip to the monster's ball.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

rock the coliseum

So this past weekend was rock the coliseum, our once-a-year summer pop-up shop. & it went pretty well-- sales were definitely on the low-side, so you always find yourself speculating why that was. It could have been the almost-raining weather on friday, the new location of the stage or maybe it was our booth set-up? Anyway, no matter what the reasons, we could be down on ourselves or we can just be happy that it pushed us to pump out a ton of new stock & forced us to get out there & meet cool people!

We've always ended up meeting someone that brings us new opportunities, our first year we met a girl that became one of our best customers. Last year, we met someone involved with a big university fashion show which we donated a product to this year & may end up participating in again. And THIS year, well, I see another opportunity presenting itself already but i'm not going to talk about it quite yet, lest I jinx it! haha

All in all, we had a great time & realize how lucky we are to have friends and family who are always willing to help two small girls with all the heavy lifting :)

I have hundreds of pics, so I've tried to sum up the weekend in just a couple dozen! Enjoy! (ps, i returned my canon rebel xs and 50mm lens, opting for the nikon d3000. not sure if my noob pics really represent any difference in the quality of either camera though...)

samantha welcomes you

our canopy is this awesome one-piece expandable doo-dad. rehearsalpro next to us, had a camping tent that took an hour to put up. hahahah awww :(

our clothing rack! i love it but i feel like just the one rack is a bit tight & difficult for customers to sift through.

kinda whack displays. haha



doing our nails with konad nail stamps (which I will post about later! they're amazing!)

sam painting her nails

kid sis. dnw nails to be done.

the balconies. so cute

the back of our booth (i loved that our canopy structure was perfect for hanging up some pieces!)

gentlemen husbands (the band with the greatest shoes ever)


caitlyn sewed 144 hairbows for us. hahaha

oh hello! did you know that we own now? well we do! yay!

haha we're all fans of op ivy

dance electric's last show.

attack in black

that was too many picture in one post wasn't it? I hope this isn't like livejournal, where you get yelled at if you don't put things under a cut :\ Don't kill me, I love you.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

vendor prep

This weekend Sam & I will be setting up our pop-up shop again. We do a free music festival just outside of Toronto (in Mississauga) every year. It's a totally free 2-day festival featuring amazing local bands-- this year the headliners are The Junction and Attack in Black which is gonna be so awesome.

We don't do many trade shows & vendor set-ups during the year, as we mostly stick to selling online & in shops... so I have no idea how other crafters do it every weekend! First of all, figuring out how to display everything (the visual merchandising) is NOT my forte so it's difficult trying to scrounge up display stuff for our table & it's a huuuge pain moving all the racks and displays. In the end it's usually worth it, just for the amount of people we meet & how much fun it is, but thinking about it now... it's gonna be a tiring week!

I decided to keep my canon rebel xs & today I just bought a "nifty fifty" lens (canon 50mm f/1.8 II) because of all the rave reviews online. I was just trying out this new lens so below are just some pics to sum up what we've been doing !

our clothing rack so far

the skeletal hooded dress

frames & signs for our table set-up

our reconstruction pile & the new jewellry display I made :)

lilac branches inserted into a piece of drilled & painted particle board. i'm pretty proud of myself :) I think it'll make for a great vanity table necklace display when I'm not using it for shows, a pretty useful diy!

Anyways, if you're in the Greater Toronto Area, come visit us at Rock the Coliseum this weekend!

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