Tuesday, July 6, 2010

vendor prep

This weekend Sam & I will be setting up our pop-up shop again. We do a free music festival just outside of Toronto (in Mississauga) every year. It's a totally free 2-day festival featuring amazing local bands-- this year the headliners are The Junction and Attack in Black which is gonna be so awesome.

We don't do many trade shows & vendor set-ups during the year, as we mostly stick to selling online & in shops... so I have no idea how other crafters do it every weekend! First of all, figuring out how to display everything (the visual merchandising) is NOT my forte so it's difficult trying to scrounge up display stuff for our table & it's a huuuge pain moving all the racks and displays. In the end it's usually worth it, just for the amount of people we meet & how much fun it is, but thinking about it now... it's gonna be a tiring week!

I decided to keep my canon rebel xs & today I just bought a "nifty fifty" lens (canon 50mm f/1.8 II) because of all the rave reviews online. I was just trying out this new lens so below are just some pics to sum up what we've been doing !

our clothing rack so far

the skeletal hooded dress

frames & signs for our table set-up

our reconstruction pile & the new jewellry display I made :)

lilac branches inserted into a piece of drilled & painted particle board. i'm pretty proud of myself :) I think it'll make for a great vanity table necklace display when I'm not using it for shows, a pretty useful diy!

Anyways, if you're in the Greater Toronto Area, come visit us at Rock the Coliseum this weekend!



  1. I always wish I was in Canada when I read your posts!

    <3 from Florida!

  2. i can't wait to see photos from the event! i am going to try really hard to make it out to this next year. hopefully i won't be on the wrong side of the coast!!

  3. I always wish I was in Canada when I read your posts!

    <3 from Florida!


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