Monday, July 30, 2012

12 ways to wear a skull cut-out tee

A lot of you guys ask us about how to wear our skull cut-outs since we always model them with seemingly nothing underneath them! We always respond with a massive list of options but we thought that we'd finally throw together some outfit photos for all you visual learners out there.

nothing underneath:

lipgloss and black green skull cut-out, aldo collar necklace, blackmilk aurora leggings, jeffrey campbell potion buckle boots

This is the way we usually model our skull cut-outs in our stock photos. It looks like we're wearing nothing underneath, but we're typically wearing one of those sticker bras just to make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions! They're about $60 around here & is one of my favourite undergarments because I can wear it under all those tops and dresses with tricky cut outs without worrying about nip slips. ;)

over a bra(lette):

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, la senza bralette, lipgloss and black holographic leggings, bettie page by ellie shoes, derek cardigan 7006 black glasses

This is probably the most common way to wear the shirt. Just saying "eff it" and wearing it over your normal bra or a bralette top. A contrasting colour works or wearing with a nude bra makes the cut-out stand out too.

over a bikini:

lipgloss and black mint skull cut-out sweatshirt, ardene hat, coach leopard scarf, H&M bikini, tommy hilfiger cutoffs, bluenotes belt, aldo sandals

For all you beachy babes, a string bikini is great to wear underneath because you can still show lots of skin & get a bit of coverage/support in front.

over a bodysuit:

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, love l745 dark grey fade glasses, blackmilk 3d ribs swimsuit, H&M skirt, jeffrey campbell clinic shoes

You can also wear it over a bodysuit (or in this case, a printed swimsuit) for an easy layered look.

over a corset:

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, love l745 dark grey fade glasses, sirens corset, ub skirt, jeffrey campbell raid wedges

Throw it over a corset for an unexpectedly detailed peek-a-boo in the back.

over a lace top:

lipgloss and black grey skull cut-out sweatshirt, vintage hat, bluenotes lace top, katie lace shorts, jeffrey campbell lita spike 2

Layering it over a lace top adds a bit of texture underneath and gives the cut-out a soft and pretty background. I also wore it with the stick-on bra to maintain the see-through look.

over a contrast colour shirt:

lipgloss and black pink skull cut-out, derek cardigan 7006 black glasses, costa blanca blue shirt, lovelysally le souris leggings, jeffrey campbell velvet litas

The easiest way to style this top is by layering it over a solid coloured top. You can still wear a normal bra underneath it all & get the colour blocking look too!

over a collared shirt:

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, old uniform dress shirt, f21 necklace reconstructed, ub leatherette shorts, vintage oxfords with painted soles

Prep it up by wearing it with an oxford button-up. The tailored shirt balances out the edgy skull cut-out to make an awesome outfit.

over a dress:

lipgloss and black pink skull cut-out sweatshirt, derek cardigan glasses, sirens dress, stitches necklace, jeffrey campbell meeker shoes

Add some edge to a girly dress by throwing a skull cut-out sweatshirt over it.

over a romper:

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, derek cardigan 7006 black glasses, sirens romper, jeffrey campbell tick ns shoes

Wear it effortlessly over a romper for a cute and relaxed look. This is one of my faves!

over a printed shirt:

lipgloss and black skull cut-out, H&M blouse, ub skirt, aldo rinks shoes

Wear a printed blouse underneath for an unexpected pop of colours. It helps if the print has one of the colours from the tee to pull it all together.

over a catsuit:

lipgloss and black blue skull cut-out, derek cardigan 7006 black glasses, blackmilk blue galaxy swim, blackmilk blue galaxy leggings, jeffrey campbell blue distressed litas

This is a rare outfit choice for most, but it can make a catsuit more wearable for everyday. It breaks up the colours and gives a bit of coverage on the skin-tight outfit. This was how Kat Von D wore hers on an episode of LA Ink! Check out the photos here :)

There you go, guys! 12 different ways that we styled or skull cut-outs. How do you usually wear yours? Send us your pictures or suggestions :) or get your own here!

Monday, July 23, 2012

citrus nails tutorial

This week, we decided to grab a little bit of fashion inspiration and did citrus nails a la Stella McCartney Oranges :) Check out our tutorial on the Lulu*s blog by clicking on the photo below!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy cropped tie top

Two mens t-shirt reconstructions in a row! I'm on a bit of a roll. One more & maybe I can call it a "SERIES"! Click on any of the pics below to follow along. This one's pretty easy!

DIY top, F21 necklace deconstructed, aldo accessories cuffs, qed london pants, aldo shoes

Monday, July 9, 2012

ice cream nails

Dudes, I've been trying to do cute & summery nail things. I've been in the mood for yogenfruz for like... 3 months & still haven't gone to get myself a damn raspberry froyo. I decided to worsen my cravings & do my nails up with some sweet treats on the LuLu*s Blog this week!

The novelty value of these is insane. Basically, show people your weird "cones" first & then watch them laugh when you plop the ice cream scoops on top. THEIR FACES ARE SO CUTE. FOR REAL! Click on the pic to see the full instructions:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

tutorial - mens shirt to cut-out dress

DIY dress, jeffrey campbell nightwalk shoes, ardene hat, bluenotes leather belt

Monday, July 2, 2012

tutorial - splattered nails

Happy Monday ladies!
Today we tried out a new technique of nail splattering on the LuLu*s Blog! It's pretty easy & all you need is a drinking straw and some nail polish! Click on the pic to see the full instructions:

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