Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy cropped tie top

Two mens t-shirt reconstructions in a row! I'm on a bit of a roll. One more & maybe I can call it a "SERIES"! Click on any of the pics below to follow along. This one's pretty easy!

DIY top, F21 necklace deconstructed, aldo accessories cuffs, qed london pants, aldo shoes


  1. It looks even better with the necklace over the top xx

  2. THOSE are PANTS?! Love love love.
    Also, I just may have to bust out my sewing machine this weekend.

  3. Love this! And the way you styled it. So awesome

  4. This idea is perfect! I love the new style of this shirt ;) By the way, I 've nominated your blog to "one lovely blog award". I love spending time on your blog, Congratulation!


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