Monday, July 9, 2012

ice cream nails

Dudes, I've been trying to do cute & summery nail things. I've been in the mood for yogenfruz for like... 3 months & still haven't gone to get myself a damn raspberry froyo. I decided to worsen my cravings & do my nails up with some sweet treats on the LuLu*s Blog this week!

The novelty value of these is insane. Basically, show people your weird "cones" first & then watch them laugh when you plop the ice cream scoops on top. THEIR FACES ARE SO CUTE. FOR REAL! Click on the pic to see the full instructions:


  1. How friggin cute is this!??! Im still tying to get the tuxedo nails down...smh lol. Love it!

  2. wowww omgg i wish i had your nails!!!!!

  3. wow these nails are just too cute.  I adore them.  I must try this out one day soon

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