Monday, June 28, 2010


I just recently found my old tubes of pre-mixed henna that I had bought in India a few years ago. My family hails from Kolkata so I always remember my mother tinting her hair with it when I was younger & letting me use the rest to give myself "tattoos". She used to have to mix it from boxes of the dry powder and tell us how when she was younger, they actually could just find the leaves & crush them themselves. Now, we've got it in tubes & all you have to do is snip the bottom off to pipe it on :)

my mehandi book & the tubes of pre-mixed henna

multilingual instructions!
good points include: adding lemon to keep the henna moist, NOT washing off the crusties with water & if it's convenient, covering it with some plastic wrap helps too!

the book is filled with dozens of ridiculously intricate designs

I loosely followed the flower design here

applied & left it on for about 2 or 3 hours & flaked it off (without washing it in water, with hopes that it'll darken later)

the result right after picking off the dry henna. i love the organic look of it-- i don't have any tattoos (yet) but i always juggle with the idea of getting ones in all one colour since i'm not much of a colourful person.

Anyways, I just received some awesome nail stamping stuff in the mail & hope to blog about that soon! (Thanks to Mai for exposing me to it, it's soooo cool.)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3!

So in my last post I said that I would be going to see Toy Story I did and I have to was quite amazing! I knew that it would be the greatest and it was just perfect in every way. I ALMOST cried in the beginning but I definitely cried at the end. Toy Story movies always make me want to keep all my toys forever but sadly I threw the majority of them out last summer! :(
But yeah, I love the new characters like...the Peas in a Pod were SO CUTE! I wonder if they have a plush toy of it because I want it really badly. I thought about making one but that is so much effort ahah...but do I want them that bad? ...Yes...actually I do.

Anyways, I went with my friend Tyler D to see the first showing that we could go to in the city and it was at 3:30pm. We were the randies there because there was just a bunch of parents taking their little ones. This was my first 3D movie other than random shows at Canada's Spongebob...hahaha! I wasn't very impressed with the 3Dness I just don't really think that it was worth the extra money. It's just extra annoying since I didn't wear contacts and had to wear two pairs of glasses. Yikes!

Oh! I almost forgot...TOTORO was in the friggin movie....WHAT? Tyler and I couldn't believe it! Every single time he appeared on the screen we laughed so hard! He was so cute!

AHAHAHA Totoro is such a creep over there.

Well, I loved the movie oh so very much and if you have not seen it...I recommend you do ASAP! It's fabulous. There are just so many funny parts as well as tearjerkers.

Anyways...moving on. Throughout the week I received some stuff in the mail including the sunglasses I posted about earlier in the week.

 I love XXI for their rings so here are a few I received this week

 Also, the shoes on the left are also from XXI! The ones on the right are Syl's Jeffrey Campbells

They're actually quite comfortable!

I can't forget about the Threadless T-shirts that we got! It was irritating because the mailman came to our house with the package and couldn't even give it to us because they only would accept Certified Cheques or Money Orders for their Cash On Demands. How does that make any sense? I didn't even know how much I owed for duty could I be prepared with either of those two payments? So, they forced me to drive over to the post office the NEXT day to pick it up.
Well, I couldn't really do anything about it but at least we got it within a week of ordering!
Syl and I bought 13 t-shirts together and my boyfriend wanted one.

This was surprisingly our very first threadless order ever!

These are the prints that we picked...we bought more than one of some of them.

We are SO excited to reconstruct these babies!!

Well, I should be spending some time with my Daddy for Father's Day! I think that I'll go sort his DVDs and Blu-Rays in Alphabetical order! Ahaha! Well, I hope that you're all doing something nice for your Papa today!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bamboozle Roadshow

Yesterday Syl & I went to the Bamboozle Roadshow at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. Our cousin hooked us up with tickets for the 203 section that he won from Z103.5 :) The show was originally supposed to have two stages but the second stage was canceled for some reason? We still got to see Forever the Sickest Kids, Good Charlotte, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, All Time Low, and Boys Like Girls. It was a bit of a sitch getting since it was a pretty last minute thing. But of course my amazing friend Tyler D decided to help us out and give us a ride to the bus station. We had to leave around 3:20 to get to the Amphitheatre by 5:15 or so. =\

It was a bit sad...tons of empty seats all around us...All Time Low decided to tell everyone from the seating area to just go down to the floors since there weren't that many people around anyhow.

We also met up with Syl's friends Marlee & Diana

 And who knows what this blunder elephant is for? Look at the frickin' hands AHAHAHHAA!

I'm SO BAD at taking pictures in the dark with no tripod!

But all in was a good time and took advantage of the fact that it was a free show to visit the beer patio a couple of times. For those of you that listen to The Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge...we met Adrian Abrantes and took a picture with him!

I'd post pictures of the bands but srsly...they're so blunder that it's not even worth it. hahaa!

The trip home was a bit of a pain because we ended up on a Go Train platform....instead of the TTC streetcar tracks. It was unfortunate because it caused us to miss our 11pm bus home by about 4 minutes. We ended up catching the 11:30. Then...we didn't have a ride home from the station once again...Tyler D came to pick us up.

But tomorrow I'm going to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D (The RealD) with TyD :) I'm excited...because it's going to be amazing. Anyone seen the trailer for Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Feature in 3D? When Mrs. Potatohead is like "I THINK IT'S WORKING!" Watch it!

Okay, I'll finish off this post with this hilarious picture of I do not even know what the heck I was laughing at...

My New Sunglasses

So, I received a ton of stuff in the mail on Tuesday and one of the things was new sunglasses! Although they're not prescription sunglasses I decided to sacrifice my sight for awesomeness. So this is totally what I wore to Bamboozle today...I'll add more pictures from the show tomorrow when I'm less exhausted from transiting to Toronto. =) P.S. I'm so new.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All the Rage

Sam and I have been stocking our reconstructed clothes at a store called The Rage in Toronto's Kensington market since about the end of April. Our stuff has been doing really well in the area and we're loving being a part of such an amazingly cool neighbourhood in T.O. We haven't been back since our first stock-up of 50+ items so we promised that we would go back as soon as we had time... Of course, without a steadfast deadline, we were putting off the restock to work on other projects.

With the upcoming G20 summit happening in Toronto though, we decided we HAD to go before the road closures started happening. So we decided TUESDAY, PERIOD. THAT'S THE DEADLINE. Of course, this weekend we ended up completely turning our sewing room upside down (to remove a full-room rug because loose thread + rugs = vaccuuming nightmare) and that totally halted our production. So Monday we pulled an all-nighter of sewing & managed to gather together another 50+ items to take to the shop! *phew*

Take a look at what the shop looks like:

me & a ton of clothing by local toronto indie designers

sam & a painting that's bigger than her :)

my rosette bib necklace & gorgeous repurposed spoon pendants

find the L&B items on the wall :)

you can always find strange things in Kensington. Like these freaky-deaky inside-out plush toys. hahaha

on spadina, near baldwin. pretty much.

& finally check out what we've got in the Rage now:

That's all for now! Thanks for all the encouraging comments guys, we're excited to be back but still learning the ins & outs of blogger vs lj, haha ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Post!

Back in 2003, both Sam & I had our own separate blogs on livejournal, they were both for friends-only and we kept these blogs to keep in touch with each other as I went off to university. Later in 2004, we started selling on livejournal as "Lipgloss and Black" and had a shared blog there. That's been our online 'home' for years and we'd been reluctant to leave because it's where we began blogging and where we had hundreds of people following us... but in the last few years it's been a bit slower there, with fewer and fewer responses to our posts, we finally decided to now switch over to blogspot.

We're hoping that here we will blog more often & with more photos. At our old blog, we had set goals like "tutorial tuesdays" to force ourselves to post weekly at the very least. We weren't getting many responses to our posts & then we missed posting on those days it was a bit discouraging. A wise woman named Oprah once told her recurring guest Kirstie Alley that she shouldn't set herself goals if she knew that they were nearly impossible because she would set herself up for failure. So we're not gonna be too lofty here and aim to "wear that bikini on tv", but hope to post regularly again-- like the good ol' days :)

If you're new to the world of Lipgloss and Black, here's what you've missed:
Sam and I are sisters and independent clothing and accessory designers. Business started in 2004 when we began making cutesy tote bags and selling them on livejournal. We'd always been a bit off-beat fashion-wise and found it tough to find clothes that were unique in stores. We often reconstructed and altered our own clothes and soon we began to feel confident enough in our sewing ability to share our reconstructed clothing with the world. We sold our wares via ebay for a while and then switched our shop over to etsy. We were featured in CosmoGirl magazine in 2007 as top inspiring aspiring designers or something ;). Up until 2008, L&B had been a part-time endeavour, as we were both in school studying, but finally we've decided to not get real jobs and struggle to make a living from what we love. We're always struggling and always trying to be creative so it should be pretty interesting to see what we're up to ♥

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