Wednesday, October 31, 2012

diy blood splattered nails

Happy Halloween Ghoulies! Here's our Chictopia DIY this week-- blood splattered nails (with a little vampire accent nail) Click on the photo to go to the full tutorial:

Monday, October 29, 2012

half moon manicure tutorial

Hey guys! There were a lot of compliments on my half moon manicure in my Lunch Bag Tutorial post, so here's the simple how-to on the LuLu*s blog! Click on the pic for the step-by-step!

snip snip

Been growing out my hair for two years. I snapped the other day. More pics later!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Body Chain Tutorial

Oh baby! Here's an easy DIY for you this Wednesday (yes, our Chictopia DIYs are on Wednesdays now instead of Thursdays)!

The oh-so-coveted body chains. Here's a really simple take on how to make one. Just click the photo to go to the full tutorial :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laura Siegel Spring/Summer 2013

You know how at NYFW there's the  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows that are all at the Lincoln Center? Those are all the big sponsored shows and then there are the ones that are independently run over at the Piers, Highline Studios and Milk Studios?

Same deal at Toronto Fashion Week-- There's World Mastercard Fashion Week coming up this week at David Pecaut Square. But this past week, we had the pleasure of attending some of "The Collections" shows at The Burroughs building on Queen West. Check out the video below to preview the designers that participated:

THE COLLECTIONS SS13 from The Collections on Vimeo.

Our first show was at the Laura Siegel Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation. There was definitely a Southwest/dessert boho theme. With muted greens and sandy colours, the bold knits and pretty draping were highlighted. I loved the macrame accessories and fringe details and although summer just ended, I'm already craving more festival-chic outfits again. Here are some of my favourite shots:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Weekends

Okay guys, as promised, here is a bi-weekly digest of what's been going on with my guest-blogging at Precious Invitations! I've still been pumping out some quality material... dunno how long I can go for though, haha. Go ahead & click on any of the photos below to get to the articles.

I made sure each of the pics was nice & PIN-able, so share them on Pinterest if you'd like! :)

How to Propose to your Bridesmaids - Don't throw away the opportunity to send some real snail mail! Ditch the texting and make something for your special girls. I compiled 3 cute tutorials I found online!

How to Make Cake Balls - The recipe is seriously easy! It's the decorating that gets a bit challenging but it's worth it for how much your guests will LOVE these.

DIY Shoe Clip Tutorial - I show you how easy it is to make shoe clips! Bridal shoes are usually whack, so just jazz up an old pair. If you do this for your bridesmaids instead of making them buy new shoes, they'll thank you forever!

How to Make Ombre Paper Pom Poms - yeaaaaaah, the steps are basically in this picture. Go click if you want to also read my annoying words. ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY leather lunch bag

Okay guys, I know you kiiiinda like our posts about what we wear... and I know you soooorta like our posts about Fashion Week. But there's one thing I know that you reaaaaaally like us for: our DIY posts.

No, it's okay, you can admit it. No matter how hard we try with other posts, you really just want us to teach you how to make things. Well, the last fashion DIY we did was maybe...back in August? So I'm sure you've been dying for a new one. Well, we're planning on going back to our weekly schedule & should be posting a new one every Wednesday. So this week we tackle the Jil Sander inspired leather lunch bag! Click on the pics below to go to the full instructional on Chictopia!

Learn how to make your own leather lunch bag. Inspired by designer fold over bag by Jil Sander.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

J Mendel Spring/Summer 2013

We went to the J Mendel Runway Show was on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at the Theatre in the Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week c/o Chictopia. It was goooooorgeous. The saturated colour palette was rich enough for any time of year and I was finding myself trying to imagine implementing these designs into my own wedding... bridesmaids dressed perhaps? haha. I've got my floral matching pantsuit ready for the spring already... but I might end up wearing it before then.

Check out these pics of the amazing designs:

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

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