Monday, October 1, 2012

fashion week monday (part 2)

So we talked about what we did before lunch on our Monday in NYC here.
This is what we did afterwards:

The view from the rooftop patio of the Empire Hotel

Samantha and I had our first taste of a... promo lounge? a media lounge? I don't know... but it was called the "Daily Style Sessions" and we spotted Kristin Chenoweth and a Real Housewife while we were there. We missed Nicole Richie though. Most unfortunate news ever.

There were lots of product demos and lots of photographers.

Apparently I was dressed like the couches.

Then we traveled down to Chelsea to go to Highline Studios for the Marimekko Spring/Summer 2013 show

Later that day, we hopped over to the Rockefeller Center to go see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
It was the most entertained I've ever been. I almost cried when Jimmy Fallon came out... yes, this is a confession of my undying love for him since his awkward SNL days.

Sam, the NBC peacock. *ding ding ding*

We finished the night with a phenom dinner at David Burke at Bloomingdales. Steak and truffled frites, salmon and tabouli, and creme brulee with dessert wine. NYC was good to us :)

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