Monday, September 24, 2012

fashion week monday

After all those posts, I've still got 4 days worth of photos to share! The days in NYC were so jam-packed with fashion-y action, we're having trouble summing it all up... here's what we were up to on our second day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week c/o Chictopia

aldo shoes "sen" hidden wedge sneakers, H&M oxblood pants, thrifted mesh cardigan, aldo off-duty "bollocks" bag

saw the travelocity gnome traveling.

blackmilk legbones 2 with DIY reverse suspenders, aldo fringe bag, black peep toe crocs, lipgloss and black drapey top

At last, we met our Editor in Chief over at Chictopia! Amethyst came by to hand over our invites to all the shows and we got to talk for only a few seconds, but it was so nice to finally talk with someone who we email on a weekly basis :)

We spotted Bill Cunningham shooting street style shots in his iconic blue coat & later that day he was excitedly snapping pics of Sam's leggings with a big smile on his face! WOOO!

We were just walking towards the tents when a little girl asked us if we were models (hahahhahhahaha, nope!) and then her mother asked Sam to pose with this book she wrote & then told her to keep it. We later found out on the facebook page that Sam had won it for being cool.

We got distracted on the way to the tents because we spotted P'trique! We found out that Alina Cho was actually interviewing him for CNN. The video of it is here & we're in it (taking this photo) at 1:09. hahahah

Another photo of us with P'trique... this feels like a bizarro Santa Claus photo.

Did you guys see this infomercial parody video by @kmartfashion?

We were intrigued by this tweet-to-receive service & totally tried it out! We got two fraps delivered straight to the Lincoln Center for a caffeine fix! SO SICK!

So that was all we did... BEFORE LUNCH! More updates soon, including pics from the Joy Cioci and the Carlos Miele shows!

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia

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