Tuesday, September 18, 2012

road tripping

So I think we've mentioned on our twitter or instagram that we drove about 10 hours to NYC to get to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was a majorly long trip but thankfully it was beautifully scenic and there was lots of deliciously cheap american fast food to enjoy (did you KNOW that McDonald's and Burger King are waaay more expensive in Canada?)

Unfortunately, we always time our drive badly and we missed our Chictopia Editor meeting in Brooklyn and had to rush to check into our hotel and then go straight to the Lincoln Center to make it to our first shows.

jeffrey campbell black velvet litas, H&M motojacket, aldo fringe purse, zenni optical sunglasses, urban planet skull crop top, sirens chiffon skirt

blackmilk dollar leggings, aldo wademan pumps, diy cross bodychain, aldo leather off-duty bag, old work blazer, rayban glasses

It was so much busier outside the tents this time around! Surely it was because of the amazing summer weather that we got. We went to back to back shows-- Timo Weiland and then Zang Toi. Apparently Rico Genest (Zombie Boy) was front row at the Timo Weiland show but we didn't see him because we were actually somewhere behind him instead of getting to be across from him :( I'll throw together some photos of both shows to post later on.

As we exited the shows, the sun had already set & we noticed that there was actually a runway show happening inside the Performing Arts building across the way. Crowds were just gathering in the open area and taking photos from outside!

Last time we went to New York, we decided to try some cool cheap eats & went to the Shake Shack to see what the fuss was about. It's an easy-going cafeteria style restaurant with the most delicious burgers I've ever had in my life. With sides of cheese-coated crinkle-cut fries and house made frozen custards and shakes, OH MY GAH.

That burger on the right, the SHACK STACK, is their normal burger PLUS the shroom burger-- a deep fried portobello filled with cheeses. WHAT. It's the best food in the world.

Thanks for the gift bags Timo Weiland & Zang Toi! :)
More updates soon! PROMISE!

Photos by Sylvia and Samantha courtesy of Chictopia


  1. Have you ever had Five Guys Burgers and Fries? Sooo yummy; it is American, but they have some locations in Canadian.

    1. Yes we have! I wasn't that impressed by it-- the fries were pretty good and the portions were generous but it was no shake shack! haha

      ps, we've reverted back to blogger comments, hopefully everything works now :)


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