Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fadeout, Cutout, Burnout

It's the time of year when your daily outfits start shifting from little dresses to dresses with tights to dresses with leggings and one day just flat out...pants! Oh the autumn season is upon us and you can feel it in the air. For most people; layering is the most convenient way to dress during the days of chilly nights and warm days. I've already began wearing my dresses with tights to keep my legs warm :)

H&M neon chained purse, XXI alligator ring, XXI mood (colour changing) nail polish

Side Cut Out Mariah Dress c/o, Stitches striped footless tights,  XXI wedge sandals

Aldo round gradient sunglasses, Aldo gold necklace, Aldo burgundy chain & tassel belt

I absolutely love my new dress from It's so cute with its subtle shoulder pads, side mesh cut outs and I love that it's a fitted dress with chiffon overlays that gives it a flowy asymmetrical touch! They provided amazing customer service and quick shipping from the United States to Canada! Check them out when you get the chance!

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  1. How cool are those tights!

  2. Before I got to the bottom of your post, I was going to say "I absolutely love this outfit," but now it seems odd considering how you ended the post yourself, haha.


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