Wednesday, September 5, 2012

how to pack for a day at NYFW

I wanted to do a couple of posts leading up to our trip to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week c/o Chictopia; If you don't know WHY we're going the original post can be seen here. The first thing I wanted to cover were my basics for packing my purse for a day of runway shows!

As bloggers, we are going to each show with the intention of writing about who and what we saw and providing you with tons of photos too. Here's what my bag & contents are going to look like for the next week:

PURSE - Aldo Off Duty "Bullocks" Leather handbag; just big enough to fit everything (except my camera) but small enough to be 'clutched'.
CAMERA - I've decided to sling it over my shoulder instead of keeping it in my purse since a) I have a badass camera strap now b) it helps to have it on the ready for those times that you encounter a celeb, model or super-inspiring blogger!
BUSINESS CARDS - Make your life easier & have some ready to exchange with people you meet! Include your name, title, the link to your blog or site and contact info. You never know who will end up meeting between shows.
SUNGLASSES - It's sunny in September still. Have your sunnies ready for the outdoors, but take them off in the building if you're not Anna Wintour.
SMARTPHONE - You've read the articles-- fashion shows just aren't as exclusive as they used to be. With livestreams and social media staying abuzz, it's totally necessary to have your smartphone in hand so  you can tweet, instagram, tumblr, or blog that new trend the moment you spot it walking down the runway.
NOTEBOOK & PEN - Great for taking notes when you're going to multiple shows in a row & might forget what you saw, or to jot down what music was playing. Also great for when you're interviewing others or exchanging information. (Some may say you could do this on your smartphone, but I can't live without my moleskine & sharpie!)
FOLD-UP TOTE - There tends to be a lot of magazines and schedules that you're handed once you get into the building at the Lincoln Center. You can also grab bottles of water, soft drinks and sometimes small snacks. As a courtesy, they give you these bright yellow bags provided obviously by a sponsor whose logo is emblazoned largely on it. These bags are great but they tend to, um, ruin every outfit photo after that. This year, I'll be taking something slightly cuter to stash my swag in.
LENSES - While a 50mm lens is great for those street-style portraits outside, it's SO helpful to have a decent zoom lens for the actual runway show. When you're not somebody, you're likely to be way up in the top of the bleachers or in the standing-room-only section. Grabbing a decent zoom lens will really help with getting a tight shot of some details when you're way too far away.
TOUCH-UPS - Blotting sheets to keep your face from looking greasy & lipgloss to keep those lips glossy :)

In case of a fashion emergency, I'll also be packing a blister-stick, some band-aids, safety pins and bobby pins!

& here it is all packed up:

So IN THEORY, I should look organized and composed but surely, in reality, I'll be clutching my bag in one had while trying to juggle some fast food in the other and tripping over my heels. My only saving grace is that it's Summer this time instead of winter & I don't have to deal with scarves, gloves, stoles and back-up boots! Phew.


  1. Great necessities for fashion week!!! Have a great time and cant wait too see posts from NYFW.
    Love your blog :)
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