Monday, August 20, 2012

chictopia's top editors:

Back in January, we received some totally unexpected news-- that we had earned ourselves a trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from While we started blogging for Chictopia as their DIY editors as a chance for our blog to get more exposure, we managed to get ourselves on a trip of a lifetime to New York City!

Less than a week ago, we received an email telling us that we were one of the TOP 3 Editors again and were invited to go to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week again! This time we'll be attending the Spring/Summer 2013 shows in September. We're already looking into hotels and flights down & we're so excited because it's bound to be much warmer weather than in February.

In case you missed them, here are ALL of the articles we wrote for Chictopia this half-year. Essentially these posts (and your hits, comments, likes and votes!) are what earned us this amazing opportunity. THANK YOU so much for reading and supporting us for our entire first year on Chictopia! We hope you look forward to our reports from NYC :)


A big congratulations also goes out to the Fashion News Editor Sarah and the Thrifting Editor Whitney! We love reading your articles every week & can't wait to meet the cool chicks behind them :)
Thank you Chictopia!


  1. Congrats!! Sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy!

  2. Congrats, wonderful news and you both totally deserve it!

  3. Congratulations girls that's so awesome.
    You both must be soo excited. What a fantastic opportunity.
    You's really deserve it!
    Love your blog.
    Keep up the brilliant work xx

  4. Congrats completely wonderful Canadian ladies who WORK IT & WORKED FOR IT
    love lipgloss & black shop, DIY, and customer service/ advice you give out

    Love from GBC alumni <3

  5. Congrats! Looking forward to your blogs on fashion week. Keep up the great work ladies.

    Jean L

  6. wow congrats! you deserve it :)
    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  7. Yay! congrats to the both of you! I am so glad that you're able to experience MBFW once again. Looking forward to more of your posts and updates in NYC. (:

  8. Yay! you both totally deserve it :) hope you two are well!

  9. You deserve it :)
    Your DIY's are awesome :}
    Definitely inspired me ^_^


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