Thursday, April 12, 2012

tutorial - bralette top

So Sam & I have this term we use when we're bra shopping... an "outside bra".
This is our term for a bra that's cute enough to be worn as outerwear & we're obscene enough to actually wear bras as tops sometimes. We're thanking our lucky stars that bralettes are actually in style this spring because we can finally whip out our collection & wear them proudly on the streets. Not that we didn't before, we're just gonna wear them more.

ANYWAY, here's a diy on how to make a cute little bralette with an existing bra! YAY! This bra was basically dead to me but now it's gonna be a summer staple. Click on any of the pics to check out the tutorial.

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  1. What a cute idea! i love it!. I have a 21st next weekend. might try this

  2. I’m loving your DIY’s they are so clever, I’m loving the recon blouses aswell!  Ellie xx

  3. amazing idea!!! i love your blog ;)

  4. You are so talented...!!!! I'm 14... I cant stitch... :(,, Can u guys pls add a new post to beginners love u sam and syl


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