Monday, April 2, 2012

tutorial - bunny nails

Easter's coming up this weekend, so we decided to do something in the spirit of spring & went with cutesy bunny nail art! Hopefully this is just in time for you all to try out this Easter long weekend! Here's the look we're going for:

What you'll need:
- a bunch of pastel colours for your base colour (we used a teal, turquoise, lavender, and pink)
- a white for the bunnies
- pink for bunny ears
- black nail art pen for eyes
- base and top coat

Start with a base colour. You can stick with a single colour but we thought these looked so cute together :)
Do a couple of single coats & allow each coat to dry in between.

Start with painting on the "bunny head". Just do a half circle at the tip of your nail with a normal nail polish brush. Do the same on all nails.

Then use a thinner brush to paint on long ears on each bunny.

Using a thin striper brush again, paint pink stripes in the ears

and dots for noses...

and then just dot on some black eyes.

top coat & you're done!

& that's it :)

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