Monday, April 23, 2012

tutorial - rhinestone nails

Happy Monday guys!

I get a lot of friends and readers saying that they don't have the skills or patience for our manicures, but we've got a REALLY easy technique to show you this week. This isn't the greatest manicure if you're using your hands a lot but it's a great look for a special occasion if you're trying to add some bling :) Here's an easy nail technique for sticking mini rhinestones on!

Here's what you'll need:
- a base colour (I chose some generic pink, it has no label!)
- a clear top coat
- rhinestones (ours are just from ebay)
- a toothpick

Start with a base coat & a couple coats of your base colour

Then after your nails are completely dry, do a thick coat of top coat. This acts as your "glue" for your rhinestones, so you have to work quickly!

Take your toothpick & touch it to some clear polish

Now you'll be able to use your toothpick as a tool to pick up a rhinestone!

Make sure to touch the tip of the toothpick to the TOP side of one to pick it up

Then just touch the rhinestone to your wet top coat & press down firmly to stick it in place :)

Continue in whatever pattern you choose & reapply top coat as glue if it's drying too quickly.

I used the top coat to coat my nails (and to reinforce the glue) but it took away a bit of the facets of the rhinestones that gave them a nice shine. I would recommend adding topcoat along the sides of the stones, being careful not to smother them if you want to maintain that "bling"!

& there you go! Rhinestone nails!
They do manage to make it hard to pick up change from smooth countertops & the rhinestones would snag my hair sometimes, but the stones all stayed on for a full week (except for the ones at the very tips of my fingers!)

Are you gonna try these out? Or is it too much bulk for your tips?!


  1. that pink color is amazing (: I love your blog


  2. cute idea, love it 

  3. I love pink. That is my favorite color. What typical rhinestones do you use in your project?


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