Friday, April 29, 2011

118: vote or die

I am quite an opinionated person, but I NEVER like to force opinions or beliefs on others. I don't like bringing politics into our measly little fashion blog, but I believe that the election this Monday deserves a bit of awareness.

When I was younger, there were times that I felt that my voice was not heard & my vote did not count for much. Now, I realize the impact of every single vote and if you are a Canadian in the age of majority, I'm telling you to get out on May 2nd & VOTE! IT'S WHAT COOL PEOPLE DO.

If you're concerned about who to vote for, check out this awesome tool:
VOTE COMPASS is a site that asks you your opinion on key political issues. It then shows you on a map, which political party your ideals are closest to. You can even look at how each party answers each individual question at the end. It's super-cool & they don't collect your info. DO IT.
I also thought PROJECT DEMOCRACY was a very interesting tool to see what MPs and parties are most likely to win in your particular riding. You may not agree with the parties they suggest you vote for, but it's an interesting tool nonetheless.

here, listen to rick mercer:



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117: the royal wedding

It's currently 2am here in Toronto and from the non-stop advertising...I believe that the royal wedding broadcasting is starting up at around 3am. I'm heading off to bed right after I complete this blog post. Syl's already asleep. Do you have interest in the wedding of William & Kate? We're not that into it at this time but I'm sure I'll see photos of hear all about it when I wake up in the morning whether I would like to or not.
Just thought I'd blog about our outfits as guests at our cousin's wedding that just happened last weekend.

My outfit & Syl's outfit

My one shouldered H&M dress

My Jeffrey Campbell Raid Wedges: Buy them here

Syl's H&M lace dress

Syl's Dany Heels by Jessica Simpson


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

116: tutorial - diy flower crown

Now that the weather is starting to actually warm up here in Canada, I have been loving spring florals. In particular, I've been in love with the look of flower crowns. I'm not talking about a flower or two in your hair, but a FULL garden of flowers on your head. I love that it's very woodstock flower child & also super fashion forward :) Here's how I did it!

What I used:
- bunches of faux flowers
- garden wire
- wire cutters & pliers
- measuring tape
- (embroidery thread is shown but was not used)

I used a bunch of large full flowers

& some smaller little roses to fill spaces

measure your head (should be about 22-24 inches)
& cut a piece of wire a couple of inches longer than that

take the ends & 'interlock' them

then twist them together to form a closed loop

try your loop on your head!

then take your faux flowers & cut the stem off, leaving a bit of length. the faux flower stems are actually plastic covered wire, so they are great for bending & wrapping too!

take that cut flower & wrap the stem around your wire loop

& continue doing that one more flower at a time, twisting the stems around each other

you can stop at only half a crown & wear the flowers just on the front...

or keep going until the crown is filled.
Initially, I grabbed some green ribbon & embroidery thread thinking that I could wrap the wires (so they won't stab your head). Though I ended up bending the wires in a way that they were covered by other wires or bent away from your head.

I fear that our black hair may make the crown seem a bit more like a luau in hawaii than a flower child at woodstock, but still, I think it's cute. :)

Try it out!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

115: hand-me-downs

remember these "vintage" dresses I showed off a couple of months ago?

prescription sunglasses from, gold leaf hairband from UO, dress from my momma, cardi & jacket from ub, pixie wedge boots by jeffrey campbell, view the full entry here.

zenni optical precrip sunnies, vintage dress from my mom, bluenotes belts worn as a harness, h&m band leader denim jacket, jeffrey campbell litas in black ♥, view the full entry here.

Well, my mom found an old photo...

on the far right you can see my aunt & my mom (in the red) wearing both of those dresses!! haha, what a rockin 70's picture eh? :)

Isn't it funny that when you clean your closet of things that are out of style, it's because they're a couple of years out of date... but if you REALLY wait it out (10 to 20 years lol) they'll maybe come back again? My aunt just gave us a bag full of 90's style dresses & we're loving how so much of it is like "OH! I can see Rachel or Monica wearing this on Friends!" hahah


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

114: happy easter!

Yes, more photos from our shoot with Carrie Jade! Appropriately in pretty pastels :)

we were dying at sam's red eyebrows.

Hope everyone had a safe & happy Easter weekend!

Enjoy this bunny video :)


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113: bouquet toss

Guess which b totally caught the bouquet at the wedding? hell yeah. (haha admittedly, I think I had a height advantage with my 5 inch danys.) Our cousin's wedding was beautiful & sooo much fun & omg I ate and drank so much. Sam & I had such a blast dancing it up with our family & friends. Congrats to the happy newly wed couple! ♥


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Friday, April 22, 2011

112: primp & prime

So the night before my cousin's wedding, we were prepping by prettying ourselves up. Obviously doing our nails was number one on the list... and then I re-coloured my hair to a deeper navy because my blue was already fading to a turquoise. Oh yeah & Sam & I re-shaved each others hair. haha just the usual.

welcome to salon syl :)

my nails to match my grey lace dress :)

my sis lyn's nails... done with 3d nail art stickers in the shape of desserts :)

I blue myself. bahhah


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

111: diy jewelry display frames

So I've been trying my best to amp up a bit of our "presentation' at The Clothing Show because we've got a full 10x10 booth to fill this year. Other than a standard clothing rack & a 6 foot long banner, we've got NOTHING else. So I decided to throw together some frames to hang & display some of our jewelry at the show & hopefully we can also use these pieces in the future by hanging them as decor in our studio.

I'll show you how I threw together these frames from some ornate thrifted frames.

so I picked up this uglay piece of art from the thrift store

I pulled out the "art" part & extracted two gold frames!

Here's what I used:
Chicken wire, wire cutters, a staple gun & some plum spraypaint

Then I took the frames outside & sprayed them with a couple of coats of paint. (sorry grass)


then I cut down some of the chicken wire to the size of the frames. You can use a finer chicken wire if you're using smaller frames too, but this is what we had lying around in the garage.

& then I staple-gunned it into place, making sure to use some pliers to twist the wire ends towards the frame (so it doesn't cut us or catch onto our clothes during transport.)


I sprayed a couple more small frames in matching purple...

and here's how the frames look laid out & holding a few pieces of merch :) We're hoping to add a few more frames to this for our display, but we'll see what we can find! (yeah, the hanging wire is showing at the left side of the large frame... I just set this up to show you our vision, haha)

These are super easy to make and an awesome way to display your own jewelry too!

Pretty right? Now to figure out how to hang these up on some pipe&drape at the clothing show ;)

& check out these gorgeous blue hydrangeas! Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend!


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