Monday, April 11, 2011

099: terrariums

I'm big on DIY projects & I'm a liiiiittle bit of a green thumb, so I wanted to try out making a little diy terrarium. These are little self-contained environments that require very little care and look so gorgeous when they're in ornate apothecary jars. I was really excited to be outside this weekend & I found tons of mossy spots in my garden, so I collected a bunch of things to throw into a mason jar to test out a mini terrarium.

I put in some coarse rocks at the bottom, a layer of soil & then some moss & some hens & chicks. I know that by mixing moss (which require a moist environment) and succulents (which hardly need water at all), I might have messed up a bit... but this terrarium is just a test & we'll see if the delicate balance is maintained or if it's a fail.

Anyway, here are some tutorials I've found:
- how to make a terrarium from found objects
- home terrarium how to
Let me know if you try it out! I'll update you on my terrarium's survival.


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