Thursday, April 7, 2011

097: take me out to the ball game

This past weekend, my boyfriend took me out to the ol' ball game. It was opening weekend & we were going to see the Toronto Blue Jays (his fave team!) and we were going early to make sure we got some commemorative bobble heads.

OH SNAP. 54 home runs baby.

Anyway, I try REALLY hard to love baseball...
a) because the leafs (hockey) are my team & they've been *ahem* disappointing me
b) I love my bf and I want to be interested in things he's interested in... That sounds ridiculous in writing, but it's what you gotta do if you're together forev-evz.

But really, it's not too hard to have fun when they do things like... making you dance like Will & Carlton. (aka WILL THE THRILL & BOOGALOO SHRIMP)

best thing ever.

my only beef is game-day fashion. Sports attire is not so cute & when they try to make it cute & girly, it's soo frickin tacky. rhinestoned logos? C'MON!!! I have this one baseball tee & my only way of really jazzing it up was to wear it with my high waist cutoffs, knee socks & litas.

TRYING to be fashionable (but forgetting that short-shorts mean sticky thighs on those plastic seats)

Whenever I'm picking an outfit for a game, I think of that episode of Sex and the City & wonder if I should just say 'eff it' & wear what I usually would...

or if I should think "Gaga" and at least show some team spirit & get on that damn jumbotron. hahha

What the hell do YOU wear to sports events?!


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  1. CAN YOU get anymore fabulous than SATC ahahah. did they just give those bobbleheads out? SO KEWL. but really. what are sporting events. i would feel sooo out of place and like, be bored. :(

  2. mannn, that shot of the sex and the city gals is just... mind blowingg haha. I feel like buying a gown and wearing it to a little league game or something ha

  3. Are you willing to sell a Jose Bautista bobblehead?


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