Thursday, April 21, 2011

111: diy jewelry display frames

So I've been trying my best to amp up a bit of our "presentation' at The Clothing Show because we've got a full 10x10 booth to fill this year. Other than a standard clothing rack & a 6 foot long banner, we've got NOTHING else. So I decided to throw together some frames to hang & display some of our jewelry at the show & hopefully we can also use these pieces in the future by hanging them as decor in our studio.

I'll show you how I threw together these frames from some ornate thrifted frames.

so I picked up this uglay piece of art from the thrift store

I pulled out the "art" part & extracted two gold frames!

Here's what I used:
Chicken wire, wire cutters, a staple gun & some plum spraypaint

Then I took the frames outside & sprayed them with a couple of coats of paint. (sorry grass)


then I cut down some of the chicken wire to the size of the frames. You can use a finer chicken wire if you're using smaller frames too, but this is what we had lying around in the garage.

& then I staple-gunned it into place, making sure to use some pliers to twist the wire ends towards the frame (so it doesn't cut us or catch onto our clothes during transport.)


I sprayed a couple more small frames in matching purple...

and here's how the frames look laid out & holding a few pieces of merch :) We're hoping to add a few more frames to this for our display, but we'll see what we can find! (yeah, the hanging wire is showing at the left side of the large frame... I just set this up to show you our vision, haha)

These are super easy to make and an awesome way to display your own jewelry too!

Pretty right? Now to figure out how to hang these up on some pipe&drape at the clothing show ;)

& check out these gorgeous blue hydrangeas! Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend!


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  1. Such a neat idea. I love the purple frames! Everything looks great :)

  2. LOVE the makeover you did with the frames. I wish I could come visit the booth. Take lots of photos, please!! xo

  3. these look great! and i love that shade of purple!

  4. so cool! love your tuts! a scaled down version using more mesh-like material could be used as an earring hanger...hmmmm, gotta add that to my diy list...

  5. You guys are absolutely amazing!

  6. these look great! and i love that shade of purple!


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