Saturday, April 9, 2011

098: we pray for japan

We've received our Lady Gaga bracelets! This was just one of the Gaga items Syl surprised me with for my belated birthday present. :) If you're a little monster, pick one up from Gaga's site because all proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts.

The sky looking fabulous tonight =)

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  1. love the pink sky photo!

    random: is there a medic alert bracelet on the wrist on the left?

  2. hi stranger! left wrist is me!

    nope! just some stacked chains-- the curb chain in question just has a plate that says "SYLVIA" :)

  3. haha, sorry for the random guess. the MA bracelets have such distinct curb chains, but it makes sense that other bracelets would use the same sized chains. :P silly me... sorry! xo

  4. where can i get one of these bracelets from? Thats is a beautiful picture but its so ironic anyway I love your blog!



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