Wednesday, April 27, 2011

116: tutorial - diy flower crown

Now that the weather is starting to actually warm up here in Canada, I have been loving spring florals. In particular, I've been in love with the look of flower crowns. I'm not talking about a flower or two in your hair, but a FULL garden of flowers on your head. I love that it's very woodstock flower child & also super fashion forward :) Here's how I did it!

What I used:
- bunches of faux flowers
- garden wire
- wire cutters & pliers
- measuring tape
- (embroidery thread is shown but was not used)

I used a bunch of large full flowers

& some smaller little roses to fill spaces

measure your head (should be about 22-24 inches)
& cut a piece of wire a couple of inches longer than that

take the ends & 'interlock' them

then twist them together to form a closed loop

try your loop on your head!

then take your faux flowers & cut the stem off, leaving a bit of length. the faux flower stems are actually plastic covered wire, so they are great for bending & wrapping too!

take that cut flower & wrap the stem around your wire loop

& continue doing that one more flower at a time, twisting the stems around each other

you can stop at only half a crown & wear the flowers just on the front...

or keep going until the crown is filled.
Initially, I grabbed some green ribbon & embroidery thread thinking that I could wrap the wires (so they won't stab your head). Though I ended up bending the wires in a way that they were covered by other wires or bent away from your head.

I fear that our black hair may make the crown seem a bit more like a luau in hawaii than a flower child at woodstock, but still, I think it's cute. :)

Try it out!



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