Tuesday, April 5, 2011

095: black and yellow

Okay, so my post yesterday was a bit deceiving because I only showed a blonde chunk of hair. I didn't go ahead & bleach my entire head of hair or anything... I just bleached a hefty chunk of it.

prescription sunglasses from zenni, leather motojacket from ub, jumpsuit from H&M, dany shoes by jessica simpson

Those of you who know me (or have followed my blog in the past) know that I easily get bored of my hair styles & have had my hair every colour of the rainbow before. I'm currently growing out a very awkward style (with very short & very long sections doing their own damn thing) and I was just really itching for a change. The last time I actually had coloured hair was in 2007, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I've had my natural hair colour for almost 5 years! So some of my commenters are right... this was bound to happen ;)

Going into my hair adventure, I has thinking of doing an "ombre" effect (shown above). I LOVE this style cause you never have to worry about roots, so it's pretty lazy & easy & cheap... and I am so totally all of the above.

But when I noticed the bleach lifting so quickly, I got a bit excited & decided on the spot that instead of a gradual 'ombre' from black to brownish to blondish, that I wanted that high contrast black & blonde.

Obviously, my hair shown here is NOT the finished product; I hate when my hair is bleached & not toned (to get rid of that coppery yellow tone). I mean, I could pretend it's supposed to be like gaga's dyed-yellow hair, but I just feel like I look like an asian dude that home-bleached his hair wrong, lol. So I've just decided to keep it like this for a couple of days to see how I feel about the blonde & then I'll either:
- tone it so that my hair is black & platinum (whiter blonde)
- go for some crazy colours so that my hair has a "dip-dyed" look
I'm leaning towards the latter. Sonic Green is calling my name.

my DIY spirit, willingness to improvise & fearlessness of looking ugly are a bad combo for the health of my hair. Oh well, It'll be fun for you guys to watch. hahah


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  1. EXCUSE ME, where did you get them pants? i love them! and your hair! such a snazzy look, lahveee it. i've always loved the blondey orangey colour, idk why. ombreee hair, saw so much at FW!

  2. god damn, you're such a babe.
    i wish i wasn't allergic to hair dye, i'm sick of my natural color.

  3. H&M!! It's a FULL JUMPSUIT. so much pattern, omg. tytyty :)

    CARLY, YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO DYES? worst fate :( You're fairly blonde though... do vegetable based dyes work?! like SFX?

  4. I still remember your hair timeline and pomp tutorial on LJ!

  5. Agh I LOVE IT! I haven't dyed my hair in yearsyearsyears, but you're making me want to!

    You're also seriously making me hate that Ottawa still doesn't have an H&M. SO envious of that jumpsuit!

  6. i like the new style! i get so bored with my hair too. it has been the same for quite a while...i have a plan for after the wedding though :)

  7. omg that moto jacket is to die for. where is it from?

  8. WOAH, holy awesome pattern alert. That jumpsuit is amazing! I really like the change to your hair - it really suits you.

  9. I actually think the color looks awesome not toned. In fact, I think it looks better than "normal" blonde with black. Keep itttt! Haha

  10. omg that moto jacket is to die for. where is it from?

  11. to me, your hair didnt look bad..your jumpsuit is off the freakin chain though! i LOVE it with a passion...i have a similar one, but yours beat the hell outa mine.



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