Tuesday, May 31, 2011

141: the clothing show - day three

I should have posted this yesterday or the day before, but man, I was pooped from the show!

We didn't intend to do the show at first because the fall show went ooookay for us but we signed up & took a chance. We were strapped for time too because we had moved our studio only 2 weeks prior to the show & didn't have time to make a lot of new stock... but this edition of the Clothing Show was our most successful exhibit that we've ever done with L&B!

We usually have a lot of time to socialize with other vendors and get a lot of downtime, but I think because we had a good booth spot (right by the runway), we were constantly busy with chatting up customers & talking with anyone visiting us. But we managed to remember to snap some pics with some friends...

We met this guy, Stevie Gee when he came by our booth to chat. He was a total sweetheart & was helping out another vendor, so he told us to come by to check out their stuff!

So here's Sam with Georgie of Retro G Couture, which we previously called the "Mad Hatter booth"! Georgie's a brit who makes these amazing over-the-top coats & hats & has dressed the likes of Stevie Nicks, Steven Tyler & Margaret Trudeau. WHAT THE!
Sam is (obviously) modeling some of her wares in the above two photos :)

Our friend Vanessa from Reconstructed came to visit! We met her at the Fall show.

Here's Margot from Scarf Party & Vanessa from Reconstructed at their own booth!

This is Elizabeth from Compass Jewelry, wearing our signature handcuff halter!
We were laughing so hard at this photo because she was pushing along a grocery cart & there's a giant garbage bin in front of her! I had meant to go to her cute booth & take a better pic but we ran out of time :(

Our model Aleks & photographer Carrie Jade herself!
I love these princesses so much. Come over & we'll braid your hair & have little parties, okay?

Like I was saying, we were running out of time so I just ran over to my new friend Le Grana Clothing's booth to snap this quick pic with Elizabeth & Grana. hahaha
I only bought one thing at the show (look at me, showing self control!) and it was this dress from Le Grana. I shall model it later ;)

& lastly, Katrina from The Demure Muse came & visited us! She was soooo sweet to come by after returning from her long vacation in Asia (check out that tan dude!) & she even brought us cute Betsey Johnson knee socks! WHY U SO NICE?!?! We shall model those soon too :)

I just wanted to take a second & say thank you to all the people who showed their support over the weekend! We were thrilled when people asked us about items that we mentioned on our blog (PEOPLE READ OUR BLOG?) and we were so happy to tell our new customers what we do!

- Check out this blogpost our new friend Amanda of Featherband wrote that features us :) Thanks Amanda!
- Take a look at this post on Toronto Street Fashion about some cool picks at the show featuring our heart cut-out sweater :)
- Peep this slideshow of pics on Bohemia Magazine featuring a pic of our Saturday outfits & a pic of Sam's shoes!

I'm still recovering from the fatigue of standing & intensely socializing for 3 straight days... and now we're working on the cleanup but I'm hoping to get back to regular posting in the blog soon!


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Saturday, May 28, 2011

140: the clothing show - day two

So yesterday, I was completely burned out & tired from a long night at the show. But today I was totally re-energized & was feeding off the awesome energy from our customers & friends who came to visit!

We had a really awesome day in terms of sales & we also had tons of awesome visitors. Our parents & sister came by to visit with snacks for us & we met some readers!

This photo was taken by Raymond Chow of CanadaWears.ca!
We learned about his site exactly a year ago when he took photos of our stuff on the Clothing Show Runway-- we later found out that one of his cousins married one of our cousins (cause he had a photo of us at that wedding! whaaaat.) What does that make us? Cousins by marriage? I dunno. He's a cool dude though & takes amazing runway shots.

We also met some readers (hi Amanda from featherband! & other girls), some future interviewers (hi iris & phoenix!) & some people that previously featured us on their site (hi cute girl that works at trendhunter!). ANNDDD we met Care Failure from the band Die Mannequin! We had made her some reconstructed tees before & had done the transaction through a mutual friend & we just met her today!
I just wish that we had the presence of mind to take photos with our new friends :( It's tough trying to keep track of selling and sales & be really social too. ah well! maybe tomorrow. ♥

On the drive down to the show, we also saw a DELOREAN on the road. it had the license plate "OUTATIME". SERIOUSLYYYYYY. It's cause it's the anime north comic con this weekend in Toronto, I think?

& check out this blogpost on BlogThatShoes about Sam's shoesies. :)

Okay, I'm so tired that my brain is starting to blank out & I'm not even sure what I just wrote. haha. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments & support lately! We've been terrible at responding to comments but hope to be back in the swing of things in a week or so.


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Friday, May 27, 2011

139: clothing show - day one

Today was day one of The Clothing Show!
Man, I have been so burned out lately & while leaving the show I was complaining that I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold... not only that but I was also slightly dehydrated, my back was hurting from my heels, something hit my big toe & my toenail broke off really deep, and I'm generally a wreck. :(

All complaints of my poor physical health aside, it was a GREAT start to the weekend :) We definitely noticed that it was WAY busier than the Fall show, as we had no time at all to talk to our neighbouring booths tonight! We have our booth right by the runway, so we get a good view of the show & lots of customers coming over after the shows end! (and lots of people gawking at Sam's shoes! haha)

I'm super tired now & we still have a short to-do list of things to bring to improve the efficiency of our booth, so I should end this here. ♥ more pics of our booth and set-up tomorrow!
Looking forward to all the other visits that I've been promised ;)


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138: marry the night

the diy jewelry display works well as a hairband display eh?

Tomorrow is finally the clothing show! It's nearly 2:30am-- Sam & I are only JUST wrapping up with prep for the show tomorrow. The studio move 2 weekends ago has left us a bit disorganized and forced us to really throw together everything last minute, but I think we've managed!

I'm too exhausted to write much but let me finish this post with a photo that Sam described as... "We look like clowns". I think what she means is that she's used to seeing us both dressed entirely in black. hmph.

Both skirts & both clowns will be at the show this weekend.
So come visit us if you're in Toronto! We've got some new things & show-exclusive sales. We will also be giving out free stickers. and free smiles... if you're not a creep.


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

137: all apologies

We recently ended our contest for the Soul Beautiful Bra Accessories & had a couple of mishaps happen with the post. The day after we posted the review & giveaway, Blogger was down & any comments & posts made between certain times were removed from the site completely for security reasons. An anonymous user had asked us why we were deleting the entries, but this was not the case.

The comments and posts were slowly being restored over the next few days, so we thought that everything was fine. When the contest had ended, we just glanced at the total number of entries & entered that number at random.org to select a random winner. It was brought to our attention that it seemed like we did not count any anonymous entrants.

Apparently the anonymous entries had NOT been properly restored yet & were not visible to us. We did not intentionally omit any entries & just wanted to make it clear to our readers that we made a mistake! Our apologies for basically disqualifying 6 entries :( We promise to have more giveaways soon & hopefully the next ones will be regulated more stringently.

We love all of our commenters on this blog! Whether you are a fellow blogger with a public profile or an anonymous user, we love to hear your opinions.

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136: luxe box by loose button review

I've always been a huge girly-girl with an obsession with beauty products. I started off my beauty addiction with buying giant collections of bonne bell lip smacker lip glosses & cheap drugstore brands of makeup (or my mom's leftover makeup) to experiment with. Now that I'm a bit older, I've converted to only buying more expensive, high quality products & being more careful with what I use on my face & skin.

The problem with this has been that skincare & beauty is getting expensive for me! It's hard to 100% trust online reviews of products because everyone's skin is different (and I have uber-sensitive dry skin with an allergy to overly scented products & a tendency to break out in eczema. damn.) and buying a full-sized product only to find out that it's not for me? That sucks.

For that reason, I mainly stick with the same skincare products through & through. It's always the same bar of soap, the same facewash, the same moisturizer & it's kinda boring to NOT be discovering what's new out there.

Well, I was just recently introduced to a new Canadian company called Loose Button & I was instantly drawn to their product called "Luxe Box".

"Luxe Box is a innovative beauty subscription service that allows customers to try beauty products in the comfort of their own home before buying them full-sized."

The people at Loose Button were kind enough to send us the May Luxe Box for review!

As promised, it arrived in a pretty package tied with a bow!

the branding was so beautiful & it even came with a card...

The card details all the surprise products that you have received in that month's box! It's a bit of background on what the product is & how to use it if the package doesn't already cover the deets :)

So we got these 4 awesome products & the first thing that I noticed was how large they all were. I usually get little one-time use samples but these are more like travel-sizes, which is cool cause you can get a better feel for the product.

So obviously, I reached for the nail polish first & threw on a couple of coats ASAP! China glaze is one of my fave brands, so I was happy to see that I'd gotten a new colour to add to my collection!

Next, I decided to try this microfoliant by dermalogica. I was mesmerized because I have never tried an exfoliant that is powder based! I've only ever used exfoliants that are in a watery gel format with big ass beads or sugar crystals that slough away at my face. With this, you just sprinkle some of the fine powder into your wet hands & make a paste. Both Sam & I loved it because it was uber-gentle (it didn't even really feel like an exfoliator) but after rinsing it away, you could instantly feel that your face was smoother. I actually can't wait to get my hands on more products from this brand.

The packaging of this Consonant Organic Olive Oil Soap had me reeled in because... it seemed like they were talking to ME. I love organic soaps so much & the fresh natural smell of them. This bar contains like, 4 ingredients? & it makes my sensitive/dry skin feel soft & smooth :)

I definitely want to check out more by Consonant but for now, I'm entering the contest to win some products from the Loose Button Giveaway! GO!

Check out the full details on how to sign up for the Luxe Box subscription service on Loose Button. You can get the box monthly for as low as $10 including shipping! It's currently only available in Canada but they are working on expanding soon.

Check out Loose Button on Facebook & Twitter too!


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NOTE: Products were sent courtesy of loosebutton.com. Our loyalty is to our readers and all opinions expressed are our own and have not been paid for :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

135: sasha's fierce

Remember the shoot we had with Sasha Glitter & Ashley Depaz of Vomit Stars photography? If not, check out the behind the scenes photos that I posted here.
Well, I promised to share the final results & Ashley just sent some over! Wanna see?

Sasha's wearing: The new leather bowtie necklace, the ribcage asymmetric tank, the bamboo bandeau, the holographic leggings & my cutout boots

Sasha's wearing: the chain sunglasses, the sequin shoulder dress & my JC pixie boots

Sasha's wearing: the new leather cross necklace, the fur shoulder crop tee, the cross leggings, & my jc litas

Sasha's wearing: the rosette statement hairband, the tuxedo romper & the tiered tulle skirt

For more awesome photography, please check out Ashley Depaz's blog!

I'd like to take a quick second & apologize for my lack of an online presence in the past week & a half. Sam & I have been busy prepping for the Clothing Show this weekend but we've been keeping another big news story under wraps... We moved! Our studio space was getting too small for the amount of stuff we had (a sewing studio requires a LOT of space!) so we've relocated & have been going nuts trying to settle in our stuff at the same time as prepping for the show! phew.

Our blog has fallen behind quite a bit, but I'll be trying to do double posts in the next few days in hopes of catching up so that I haven't failed my post-a-day challenge for this year! :)

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Friday, May 20, 2011

134: my heart bleeds no more

This weekend is the long weekend that is known as beginning of the Canadian summer. We call it "May 2-4" weekend and Monday is a statutory holiday, Victoria Day. We celebrate it on the last Monday of May or sometimes on May 24th for Queen Victoria's birthday.

That being said, this weekend is also when people kick the cottage season.
For those of us that don't have cottages up north stay at home to garden because we don't stop expecting frost until the next Fall season.

So as we garden, it's also when we hold gatherings and have barbecues with of course a 2-4 of beer.

This year has been nastier than last in terms of having nice sunny days. For example, this past week has had enough rain to compare to the amount it rains on average in a month.

I shot a couple of photos of one of my favourite plants! Bleeding hearts!

Happy Gardening! Happy May 2-4!

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133: happy may two four

Just starting off this post with a photo of one of my favourite desserts! Cheesecake. I'm addicted to the ones that they have at Wal Mart! It's like $9 for a variety of 4 different kinds:

Anyways, after a quick grocery shopping trip I rushed home to check out the Gilt Groupe sales curated by Nicola Formichetti at noon.

I couldn't help but notice that the dress that gaga wore at the Mugler fashion show is $20,000...ide but it's great that 100% is going to the Robin Hood Foundation:

I was tempted to buy a pair of heartbeats earbuds because I've been eyeing them for quite a while now. I've looked out for them on eBay before but I read about a lot of counterfeit horror stories. They're $69 before taxes and shipping from Gilt but I noticed that they're on sale this week at Best Buy for $49.99. Greatest...might buy a set.

I can't wait to pick up my copy of Born This Way. I've been trying to avoid all the positive and negative reviews of the album before I give it a full listen. I even thought about trying Gagaville at a point but realized that I have no time for that :P

I've been noticing that Future Shop & Best Buy have the regular edition on sale for $9.99 (Monday & Tuesday) but Sunrise Records has it for $5.99 or the deluxe edition for $9.99 with the purchase of a tee (on Tuesday)!

I just may pay a visit to Sunrise Records on Tuesday (after this May 2-4/Victoria Day weekend.)
Happy May 2-4 fellow Canadians!! Don't forget to pick up a case of 24 beers for your BBQ!

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