Wednesday, May 18, 2011

130: cut the mullet

"Go to the barbershop & tell them you're sick of looking like an asshole"

Does anyone know what I'm referencing with the title & the quote? Tell me if you do & you'll be cool FOREVER in my books. NO GOOGLING.

OKAY, so I've been growing my hair out from a crazy undercut/shaved style & it's been difficult because the different lengths on my head make the growing out phase both slow & way ugly. I've been holding off going to the salon for months now (maybe 6 months?) and shaving the right side myself to at least keep some semblance of intention on my head.

But finally, with the weather warming up (can't cover it with a hat anymore) & my hair starting to truly look like a mullet, I caved. I went for a trim today so that my hair would look like a real haircut again!

the back was becoming longer than the sides and there was a lack of layering, so the back of my head was looking really flat :( Now, there's a wee bit of layering at the back and I've got a bit of poufyness back!

This side was overgrown & thin at the ends, but now it's like a jaw-grazing a-line cut again :)

I'm still committed to growing out my hair, but I needed an in-between cut so that I wouldn't look ugly forever. Now I'm hair-happy again... for now.


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  1. Cute! The shape-up looks good. I can totally relate to weird in-between-cut hairstyles. I dealt with a very bad hairstyle for almost a year just because I wanted to grow it all out and was afraid to get it cut again.


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