Monday, May 9, 2011

127: breakfasts for winners

So today I made a trip out to pick up some breakfast foods. Here's what I got:

I had a coupons that I ordered online for a free box of Special K, free tub of Asana, and free box of Vector. The Froot Loops and Rice Krispies were on sale for $4 a box.

The free box of Special K comes with a coupon for a free box of 6 packets of instant coffee inside the box. I've received a coupon that I ordered online for this free coffee in the past before, it's pretty good.

I needed two boxes for a free vintage Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, or Cornelius t-shirt. So I bought 4 boxes - one t-shirt for me and one for my younger sister. What I like about this offer is that you don't need to pay for shipping & handling.

I've already placed my online order for my free Toucan Sam tee!! Can't wait!

I also got a free Glade Sense & Spray air freshener last week.

Extreme couponing has been a pretty popular show on TLC nowadays but I've never seen an episode. Heard a lot about it and have seen some clips on youtube.
I've always been into couponing and freebies. Have you gotten any great deals lately?

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  1. That free shirt thing is totally awesome! I don't think I've ever really gotten in on the whole coupon thing because a lot of the coupons we get in Australia say that they are only valid in America. :(

  2. Coupons for free things?! Awesome. Where do you usually find the free ones?

  3. Oh wow! We don't even get American coupons =\
    I think I've pretty much always come across ones that are Canadian

    I usually get hints off of & They're usually coupons by mail that are by request only


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