Saturday, May 7, 2011

126: intergalactic planetary

vintage sunglasses, black milk clothing galaxy bodysuit, L&B ombre denim studded cutoffs, 90s button-up dress from my aunt, jeffrey campbell litas.

One of my girlfriends (HI SARAH!) was asking me where I usually shop for vintage clothes-- the answer was EVERYWHERE! I follow all my favourite chain thrift stores on facebook & get email newsletters to stalk all of their 50% off sales. We also have membership cards at some places, haha. I thought I'd take my answer to her question & elaborate a bit here.

My one tip for her though, wasn't so much of where to shop for thrift but how! Here are our personal rules whenever we go thrift shopping:

1. look for prints & textures before looking at size
It's easy to get used to looking for clothing by size when shopping at department stores & boutiques. You need to get something that fits right, right? Well at thrift stores, sizing should take a back seat because the selection is very unique & limited. Clothing can always be tailored or reworked to fit-- Sam & I find ourselves finding a LOT of plus-sized clothing really appealing when we thrift.

2. think outside the box
It's easy to look at pieces at thrift stores & laugh at how ridiculous retro fashion was. Sometimes pieces can be over-the-top with bold prints or outdated silhouettes. When looking at each piece you find, don't think about how ridiculous the last person who wore it looked. Think about how YOU could rework it for it to look modern or edgy again.
Here, I'm wearing a modest prairie-girl style button-up dress as a duster instead of as a dress! and trust me, the leather pants that I buy are NOT flattering shapes until I cut them into cute high-waist shorts!

Anyway, let's talk thrifting again! Do you guys have rules for yourselves when you thrift? Do you gravitate towards certain things? (I always look for bottoms & dresses!)

Speaking of *ahem* the 80's & 90's...
It appears that Sam & I have been rocking the bodysuits with denim cutoffs since 1992.

(I keep bursting out laughing at how cute Sam is with her little neon green bow & the fact that her default face has ALWAYS been unimpressed. ahahah)


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  1. Hahaha! "default face" - I am stealing this term.

  2. That photo of you two a littlies is so dang cute! And obviously, you have always been way ahead of the fashion curve. I am very green with envy over your black milk bodysuit - LOOOOOVE.

  3. Syl, I love your hair, it's gorgeous!
    And I love that body suit!

  4. Syl, I love your hair, it's gorgeous!
    And I love that body suit!

  5. Her face is always "psh, unimpressed" and yours is "Sass! Are you ready?" You too are so cute!


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