Monday, May 2, 2011

120: paint it black

Lately, I've been really obsessed with a blog called design*sponge & I've been watching home decorating shows like crazy. The combination of the two & the fact that it's finally feeling like spring outside has made me into this insanely motivated home-project-doer. I've been spraypainting everything in sight & staple gunning and hammering a LOT lately. It's ridiculous really. I've continued with making more DIY jewelry display frames & just made one with framed glass instead of chicken wire so it can act as a white board :)

and most recently, I helped out my mom! She had been thinking about getting a new chandelier in her dining room, but I decided to just revamp her 27 year old one for her, haha.

With my dad's help in dismantling & unwiring the light, I just spraypainted the frame & all the metal findings in an 'oil rubbed bronze' colour. I ran out of spraypaint, but had meant to paint the "candles" the same colour. oops. later days, I suppose.

Because of my DIY frenzy, I'm looking like a total wreck. I've got my arms covered in spots of black and purple spraypaint & accidentally sprayed my arm today like this:

and I also accidentally slashed all of my fingers open on my left hand while handling a sheet of glass. yikes.

What kind of spring projects are you up to? I'm gonna be planting the outdoor veggie garden pretty soon & can't wait for that!


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  1. i LOVE that chandelier! i am a huge DIYer and my latest project was putting this string garden in my room:


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