Thursday, May 26, 2011

137: all apologies

We recently ended our contest for the Soul Beautiful Bra Accessories & had a couple of mishaps happen with the post. The day after we posted the review & giveaway, Blogger was down & any comments & posts made between certain times were removed from the site completely for security reasons. An anonymous user had asked us why we were deleting the entries, but this was not the case.

The comments and posts were slowly being restored over the next few days, so we thought that everything was fine. When the contest had ended, we just glanced at the total number of entries & entered that number at to select a random winner. It was brought to our attention that it seemed like we did not count any anonymous entrants.

Apparently the anonymous entries had NOT been properly restored yet & were not visible to us. We did not intentionally omit any entries & just wanted to make it clear to our readers that we made a mistake! Our apologies for basically disqualifying 6 entries :( We promise to have more giveaways soon & hopefully the next ones will be regulated more stringently.

We love all of our commenters on this blog! Whether you are a fellow blogger with a public profile or an anonymous user, we love to hear your opinions.

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