Monday, February 28, 2011

059: born this way

Okay so...I have no words.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it?!

I love the part with Rick Genest (Zombie Boy)

This is the manifesto of Mother Monster: On G.O.A.T, a Government Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But the birth was not finite. It was infinite. As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal, it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race, a race within the race of humanity, a race which bares no prejudice, no judgment but boundless freedom. But on that same day, as the eternal mother hovered in the mulitverse, another more terrifying birth took place, the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two. Rotating in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began its dance. It seems easy you imagine to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But she wondered, "How can I protect something so perfect without evil?"

Moving on...
here's my outfit:

Stitches hat, Clearly Contacts cat eye glasses, Top Shop pink cardigan with hearts, Bluenotes t-shirt, & Top Shop slashed leggings

Jeffrey Campbell Raid Wedges with rainbow ankle socks


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

058: red carpets

Recently I went shopping with my girlfriend for her wedding gown (I'm one of her bridesmaids :) ) & we saw a lot of poufy frou-frou shit. Thankfully, she has good taste & is leaning faaar away from traditional gowns... but all the shopping had me thinking about what kind of statement I would make on my future "big day".

Last week, while browsing through some recent runway shots, I fell in love with Elie Saab 2011 Haute Couture Collection & basically decided that I would be wearing something from that collection on my wedding day, haha.

photos from

(via milakdaily)
& then wouldn't you know it, Mila Kunis shows up in this gorgeous number.
So basically, I think she was the best dressed. LOVED IT.

I am a big fan of awards shows because I'm a huge sucker for big gatherings of celebrities, red carpet looks, live performances & the excitement of accidental f-bombs and wardrobe malfunctions. but I thought the Oscars were just okay... I was expecting to be super-entertained by James Franco & Anne Hathaway but I found that their performance was so underwhelming. Anne was cute & enthusiastic (she said "WOO!" way too much) and James seemed so stoned. As much as I tried to love it, it was awkward. Kirk Douglas presenting was probably the best part. :P

What'd you think? Who was the best Oscar Host that you've seen? Who were best & worst dressed tonight?!


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057: candy life

Today at periwinkle, I got a visit from a friend of ours! We met Candice from The Candy Shoppe maybe 3 years ago(?) at an outdoor concert/festival for which we both were vendors. She came by with some treats for Sam & I since we've always been fans of her work.

Remember this cupcake tray necklace that Sam was wearing? That was from Candice as well & I know lots of you loved it, so we're excited to show you what she brought us this time :)

More pics tomorrow, I'm full of pizza & short on sleep right now :(

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

056: all of the lights

Today I headed out to the Salvation Army because they were having a 50% off sale on selected winter items. Unlike my last trip, when I went ready with a mental checklist of things that I was hunting for, this time I had no gameplan at all. I just went in open minded & came home with 3 new pairs of pants for $6! One of the pairs of pants I bought were Danier leather suede highwaisted, pleated trousers. I had intended to bring them home to cut into shorts, but when I put them on they looked amazing as they were! $3 for leather pants? Probably one of my best thrift finds ever.

I dressed in my usual throw-on uniform of all-black with sunglasses to cover my face & a hat to disguise my bedhead...

I was loving my new sparkly maxi skirt cause it was all fancy & shiny... later in the night though, Matt told me that it was completely see-through. AWESOME. I guess some strangers got a good show today, hahaha. At least I know for next time.

I realized that the skirt made for an awesome backdrop for macro photos though-- look at that awesome bokeh :)

Thanks for all the comments, guys! I intend to respond in detail to all of them tomorrow! Have a great weekend :)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

055: with love

We've been working on a featured interview with Toronto Fashion Blogger Bee is the New Blog, so no outfit pics to blog today! But we've got one new product that we'd like to share :)

the heart cutout sweatshirt! ...& we should be rolling out more new things for spring!


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

054: tutorial - harness belt

I mentioned in a previous outfit post that I really loved leather harnesses, but I've been finding it tough to find one online without it being a little too s&m for me. I just want something edgy and gun-holster-ish but not too-bondage-y, you know?! So I figured out a simple way to wrap two thin leather belts in a cute harness style.

I was asked how I did it, so below I've just included some pics with some brief instructions. It's SO simple & all it requires is a couple of thin belts...

so I took the two belts & attached them together by the buckle.
both my belts are a size small & I have them attached on the last hole.

drape the belts over your neck, with about an equal length on each side

bring each strap around to the back

and cross them over each other

if you have wee belt-loops, just thread them through

bring the straps around the front of your waist

& buckle!

fix your collar!

This is a REALLY simple accessory to throw over frilly dresses to add some edge but it also looks super fab over button-up shirts or plain tees :) Enjoy!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

053: i've got sunshine

Sam & I are part of so many different social networks, some that I like more than others. We always go through phases though... we used to love being on myspace (hahah) and I had a time when I was great at tweeting (now, not so much). We still love our tumblr to death & now our main outlets would have to be this blog & our fanpage.

In terms of fashion communities though, I had a phase when I loved, but I find that it's difficult to be seen. We just recently joined Chictopia & I've really been enjoying it because they've got a great points system that encourages users to be active. It's made for a really positive experience and it seems to have a great sense of community. I've been finding it to be perfectly supplemental to our blog :)! Just today, I was notified that one of our looks was featured as an "editor's pick" on the chictopia blog page!

It was just a post about the outfit that I blogged about here!

I know it's not a super big deal, but it's exciting to be featured for my personal style for once, when all our features are usually just focused on our business. :) Do any of you style bloggers use these street-style communities to post your looks?! Like lookbook, chictopia or weardrobe? I've found it to be such an awesome way to find other interesting style bloggers out there! Are you guys in a million different social networks too? What do you use each of them for & why?


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ps, thank you to everyone who weighed in on the narcissism vs. privacy issue! I think everyone's got a good grasp on not being over-sharers and I'm glad to hear things like "As for blogging and narcissism, they already go hand in hand. Just post what you want to post and forget about any haters :)" -TheTsaritsa
I love reading your comments guys, just let us know whenever if you want to see us write about certain things :)

052: bowled over

Hope everyone had a good (long) weekend!

ta da! the 'GAGA 2' lipstick!

I spent Sunday & Monday with my boyfriend in his hometown of Stratford. We visited with family, saw friends & went to a good ol' fashioned bowling birthday party... Which is always a good time because it's such a damn joke for everyone (except for the regulars at the alley with their own personalized shoes & balls!)

this is the walk of shame, basically. don't you hate sucking SO BAD at something? hahah

find my score... and laugh.
(fyi, the "sam" above is not THE SAM of "SYL&SAM". haha)

When I write posts about friends, I'm a bit hesitant to post photos of them without their permission. Everyone has different levels of privacy they like to maintain and just because I put myself out there so much, I know that I can't do that to others... I always think that when I take photos I should ask people if it's okay that I 'blog it' later, but most people already expect to see it all on facebook (though FB is very different from a blog in terms of privacy settings.)
This has me in a bit of a dilemma though, because I feel like this makes our posts a bit narcissistic... As it stands, we already write about ourselves & our clothes everyday. I don't know how much people actually want to read about us?! At the same time, we have to think about how much we want to share about our own lives too... What about you guys? What are your personal limits for blogging? How much do you share? What's too personal to blog about? Do you have a nom-de-plume? Do you have fake names for your real friends?


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

051: snow night

So despite our excitement the other day over the "spring thaw" it is currently snowing. =( Apparently it's going to snow 10 centimetres tonight, just in time for Family Day.

This Family Day long weekend has been alright. Today was a very slow day hence my lack of interesting photos. I spent some of today volunteering at home and sewing little blankets for prenatal babies at Sick Kids Hospital. It's just something I've been dedicating some of my free time to since I graduated from fashion school.

So, I'm pretty awful at taking pictures. I just snapped some of the snowfall through the window with my point and shoot.

snowing all over buddha

poor buddhas

I usually look at the picnic table to monitor how much it has snowed

noooooooo :)
One more thing:
Check out this vintage "Manly Deodorant Soap"

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