Monday, February 14, 2011

043: forget me not

On Saturday Morning, I headed out for a weekend getaway with some girlfriends. We had a pretty adventurous weekend planned that involved packing a ton of things-- from snow pants to flip flops! We planned to go to Collingwood to go snowshoeing, have a night out drinking & then go to the Scandinavian spa!

Packing for the weekend was like a crazy treasure hunt in my house, but I made sure to grab my camera, extra lens, flash and battery BUT GUESS WHAT I FORGOT AGAIN? My sd card. Seriously, someone needs to slap me. I'm so horrible for always leaving it in my laptop's SD reader slot. In fact, it's still sitting in here. Luckily, I was able to borrow my friend's from her camera & I just gave her the card back & she can enjoy my pics, if she wants... but that means I have no photos to share :( major fail.

So I have nothing much to share from my weekend-- but thankfully Katrina from The Demure Muse just posted this awesome interview she did with us for her Indie Designer Spotlight feature on her blog! Check out the whole article here. Amazing.

Hope you guys have a great Valentines Day!
(pages 9 & 10 from our AW2010 lookbook

Don't worry about the pressure to have a Valentine today-- Just wear something that makes you feel cute & tell someone you love them today! We love you :)


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  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who forgets my SD card ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I feel like slightly less of an idiot now. Loved the interview, it's inspiring to read about your beginnings!

  2. I'm so bad with forgetting camera stuff too. I always forget my battery, which is THE WORST!! Glad to hear you managed to get an SD card.

    Thanks again for doing the interview! I was super excited to share. ♥


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