Monday, February 14, 2011

044: hearts

Happy Valentines Day everyone! V-Day has a pretty bad rep for being a horribly corporate holiday that is basically a cash grab... it used to be very much just the ocassion to spend your money at Hallmark & the florists to "show your love" but I've noticed a lot of other retail places are trying to cash in on it! (Like there are a LOT of online retailers with great deals & free shipping today!) I tried not to push anything with L&B... but I did post a photo featuring some of the outfits that we've made that are inspired by hearts... and I decided to wear my sweetheart dress today :)

sweetheart yoke dress by L&B, turquoise turband (coming soon to L&B), heart sunglasses, black pashmina, vintage leather skirt, vintage pink leather boots


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