Monday, February 7, 2011

038: value village

Syl & I were planning to wake up early today to head out to a Value Village sale. 50% off of everything. We love their half price days but it's been quite a while since we last went there. For those of you who may not know what Value Village is, it's a thrift store around here. I think it's called Savers in the US...

Anyways, it was pretty busy in there and Syl found a few items. While we were talking in one of the aisles this man decided to push a shopping cart into me. See, I would like to think that I'm quite patient and I will put up with people accidentally bumping into me and apologizing. However, this man pushed his shopping cart into my behind and then decided to say "excuse me" quietly afterwards. I turned expecting an apology but didn't get anything but a stare. I then had to speak up and yell a little. I basically asked him what his deal was and why he thought it was okay to just shove shopping carts into people. We also made sure to tell him how extremely rude he was. I think I kind of scared him but he was a jerk. RUDE. Does this ever happen to you? How do you deal with people who just have no courtesy? Maybe even when you're on your way out of a mall and notice someone behind you and hold the door for maybe 10 seconds...then don't get a THANK YOU?

Anyways, Syl picked up a few vintage items and even a brand new with tags pair of Marciano Pants! haha! I'm sure she'll share her finds sometime in the near future!

It was snowing a bit but was warm enough for a t-shirt today! I heard it's supposed to be a high of -10 degrees celsius tomorrow! :|

XXI minnie muse tee, Seven For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny, and Emu boots

Seven For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny with Swarovski Elements.

XXI necklace
So other than shopping at Value Village I bought my third pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I'm SO very excited! I had to get them ordered in...I prepaid for them and I'm just waiting between 1-3 days before I can go pick them up! I got Black Leather Tick Wedges :) Here's a photo:

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges
I'm sure I'll be wearing them sometime soon in one of my outfits posts!

Speaking of shoes...I recently listed THIRTY-THREE pairs of shoes to sell on eBay. I have issues. haha. I don't enjoy selling on eBay because of the fees and the feedback situation. I was upset the day I found out that buyers couldn't receive negative feedbacks. I've never left anyone negative feedback on any sort of online shopping website because I know that pretty much all issues can be solved. However, without that option...many eBay buyers abuse the seller's ratings. I prefer to be the Buyer over Seller anyday! Do you use eBay to buy or sell? Anyways, enough ranting and on to my outfit of the day.

Thanks for reading!! <3

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  1. What a jerk! Good for you for confronting him.

  2. I think you did the right thing, what a bum, I think I would do the same thing. I think I like being a buyer and not a seller on ebay and I could leave negative feedback.. but the buyer tends to change it and as me to re-do my feedback once they fix the problem, I like that more then etsy.. :(

  3. I confronted a woman once in a parking lot for cutting me off and stealing my spot. Turns out she was super apologetic and was talking to her sister long distance on her head set. We hugged it out. :)

  4. How rude! I'm glad you spoke up and said something to that guy. I really don't understand how anyone would think it's ok to push a cart into a complete stranger and think it's no big deal.

    Also, I have those same 7FAM jeans but in a dark blue wash. They're my fav!

  5. @Felicity
    I know eh? Thanks hun =)

    Thanks! Yeah like I just don't like when people don't realize that there's pretty much a solution to any situation. But worst is when people leave negatives that are SO completely unjust.

    @Zhoozh Brand
    That's good to hear and you went one step beyond and hugged her! Very sweet.

    Thanks hun! Yeah, I'm not sure what he was thinking really...
    YES! That's awesome, they're definitely my favourite right now as well!!

    AHHH!! Syl & I have missed the past...wayyyy too many haha, we made sure to go!! Next time, mark your calender & set all your alarms!! =)


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