Friday, February 18, 2011

049: spring thaw

Today was a glorious 9°C out! Anything above freezing is amaaaazing in february, so we definitely decided to wear out some dresses today. The sun melted a LOT of the snow banks & you can see the dead grass in our yard again! hooray! Unfortunately, it was SUPER windy outside so it wasn't exactly an ideal spring day... but it's gotten us excited for spring fashion :) I have a LOT of sewing to do. gahhh.

zenni optical precrip sunnies, vintage dress from my mom (she's gonna look for a pic of herself wearing this dress to show me :) ), bluenotes belts worn as a harness, h&m band leader denim jacket, jeffrey campbell litas in black ♥

I've been dying for a harness for forever... and my searches on ebay for one have been a little too S&M for me, hahaha. So I finally just 'constructed' one from two skinny leather belts. I really think it adds a lot of much-needed edge to the frilly dress :)

zenni optical precrip sunnies, h&m studded scarf, bluenotes basic black v-neck, american apparel convertible dress, xxi forever shoes, lipgloss and black polished cross ring.

what's weather like in your neck of the woods?!
It's a long weekend here (Family Day in Canada & I believe Presidents Day in the US), so hope everyone's got some awesome plans & lots to do! Happy Reading Week to all the university students too! :)


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  1. Super fun, ya it was really windy yesterday it was nuts

  2. that yellow dress is SO stunning, and the perfect weather to wear it too!


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