Tuesday, February 8, 2011

039: ballerina girl

You may remember that a month or so ago, I mentioned a little project with our favourite photographer Carrie Jade. She tweeted a pic of the outfits we had made for her shoot, remember?

Well, Carrie asked us to make a few outfits for a shoot she was planning, so we worked with her ideas to make some new pieces. Her photos turned out so beautifully (you might also recognize Aleks from our first lookbook) that we asked if we could use the pics for a mini lookbook. Click below to check it out!

Let us know what you think of it! :)

Sam & I decided that since we were shooting the outfits for our shop, we would style some of the pieces into our outfit pics for the day! We didn't end up going anywhere, we just wanted to have some pics of the clothes in a more "street-style" look. To be honest, it was a HORRIBLE day to go outside with bare legs. It was -20C with windchill, I believe, so we were both pretty uncomfortable outside & I'm sure our faces show it. haha

How Sam styled the tiered tutu

Cowl neck bodysuit by L&B, H&M motojacket, ub skirt (under tutu!), aldo boots.

How I styled the elastic cage skirt

my shredded sweater (tutorial here!), H&M bowler hat, UB leather motojacket, black bamboo skirt by L&B, jeffrey campbell pixie wedge booties

Hope you enjoy the new looks! Let us know what you thought of Carrie Jade's new pics :)

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  1. The new looks are fabulous, as are the photos! You guys look amazing, as usual.

  2. The lookbook is gorgeous!
    I may need to make that tutu mine...

  3. omg omg OMG!!! your lookbook is awesome! every page is so inspiring and the pictures are just beautiful!!!
    love it <3

    to dress a ballerina in a cape. what an idea XD

    though halfway through I was hugely reminded of the black swan, was that intentional?

    I still need to watch that movie ^^

  4. The lookbook is gorgeous!
    I may need to make that tutu mine...


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