Saturday, February 5, 2011

035: the way i am

Yeap, this post is a late one...4am is a good time to post no?
Well yesterday we went out for a sushi buffet dinner in celebration of Chinese New Year. =)
Syl and I are extremely hungry from looking at these pictures this late at night.
We love our sushi buffets, can you tell?
Delicious Sashimi

Firehouse Roll: [Tempura Shrimp, Bananas inside; topped with Spicy Tuna Crunch and Scallion] & Bushido Roll: [Tempera Shrimp, Mango inside; topped with Avocado, Spicy Sauce & Eel sauce] These are some of my favourite rolls

Eel Sushi (Unagi) & Salmon Roses (Ikura)

On completely different note, I spent the night listening to vinyls. They're a good time! I found my mini collection of vinyls. Do you have your own collection?

Small collection but I love them.

My vinyls and their babies. Can you tell who my favourite bands are?
I didn't have much time for an outfit picture today...I watched Inception last night and The Fighter tonight. =) I enjoyed both movies quite a bit.

Anyways, happy weekend to you all!


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