Thursday, February 17, 2011

047: date day

Matt decided to take a day off of work today so we could have a full-day date (as a belated valentines thing). I don't really care for cut flowers and all the cheesey v-day stuff, so I was happy to just spend time playing tourists in Toronto today.

I had been begging Matt to get some new skates so we could do some skating, so we started our day at Nathan Phillips Square (in front of Toronto City Hall) and did a few hundred laps :)

It was so hilarious because there was a huge group of elementary school kids there who were ALL clearly just learning how to skate. There were spillz happening around us constantly and at any given moment, you could look at the ice & about a dozen kids were lying down. lol

Matt, snowplowing. he's good at skating. it's cute.
I'm okay. I didn't fall, so it was a success.

that's city hall behind matt!

After lunch at Fran's Diner, we walked to the Royal Ontario Museum. I'm a nerd & I love museums and galleries. It was my first time going since the renovations on the building-- the front was transformed into this craaaazy avant-garde crystal structure. Of course with insanely unique architecture there were a lot of haters, but I think it's so amazing.

The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

can you find us in the reflection? haha

I took quite a few pics but here are some notable ones:

"earrings" worn by the ancient chinese in 1000 (or maybe 2000) BC!

pickled newts or some jazz.

I legit took a million pictures of like every single geode, crystal & rock at the ROM. I knew I loved rocks, but I didn't know I loved them this much. It turned out somehow to be my favourite exhibit.

dem dinos. craaaazy.

& then we went home for dinner to have a beef stew that Matt had been slow-cooking for the whole day! HE'S TOO GOOD TO ME. So my delayed V-day was pretty awesome. I joked that we got to exercise both our bodies AND our brains today, which is probably why I am so exhausted. What kind of touristy things are there to do in your city? Have you been to Toronto?


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  1. Looks like a TON of fun!!

    There's not a whole lot to do in my (Brit's) city. Mostly shopping and dining. Which is nice but can be a bore. However, where Em is there's more to do since it's a much bigger city.

    I (Brit) am not very good at ice skating I end up with bloody ankles! Oh well you guys are super cute and I can't wait to visit Toronto one day!

  2. OH man, I miss the ROM so much! In high school, I used to go all the time & loved both the dino exhibits and the Egyptian sections the most.
    The last time I was there, though, I was super disappointed with the renos. While the crystal looks phenomenal from the street, I was soo upset that they moved the entrance to the other side of the building to accommodate it. The old foyer was gorgeous! That they turned it into a cafeteria makes me sad.
    That said, I still totally love the ROM and clearly need to get back in there - I think the last time I went was well over a year ago :S

    Also, randomly - both of my parents were geologists, making the "Earth" galleries a family favourite in the house. IT also meant that we were encouraged to collect rocks as kids, and that we still have a lot of random mineral samples lying around the house.

  3. THIS IS SO CUTE. oh my gosh at the earrings! dem azns were bamfs ahaha. but that really is so cool. and that chunk of rock is unreal. makes me think of a cake i saw on ace of cakes or something like that. HAHA

  4. @zhoozh I definitely have blistered ankles now, but I guess it's cause I only ever skate once a year so I've never broken in my skates for real :( &yes! come visit & skate with us! lol

    @leja UM WHAT!?! a child of geologists!?! I'm coming to take pictures of the minerals in your house. ahahah. GAH, I loooooove the egypt section too but we were short for time & had only finished floors 1 & 2 by the time they were closing at 5:30 :( next time.

    @carrie, SERIOUSLY I had no idea that I loved rocks & minerals THAT much. maybe I should post all the pics of the rocks cause they were astounding. LIKE, can I have a geode instead of a diamond ring plz?!?!
    sam is convinced that I will be a crazy rock collecting old lady & my whole future home will be decorated with them. hahaha


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