Saturday, February 19, 2011

050: garage GLAMorous

Today at periwinkle:

fur stole made by me, zara floral cardigan, green chiffon shirt & harem pants from ub

fur & florals

a peek of the easter window display at periwinkle on bloor! nothing better to get you in the mood for spring than pastel coloured pom poms!

Alsoooo, today Sam picked up the Viva Glam "GAGA 2" lipstick & lipglass today!

I was SO excited to hear that Gaga was doing a second Viva Glam Campaign with MAC Cosmetics. For those that don't know, MAC has a line of lipsticks that are made entirely for a charitable cause. Every cent of the selling price of each lipstick & lipglass is donated to MAC aids fund. They often do celebrity endorsed campaigns that feature colours that are made in limited runs, which is why I missed out on the last gaga lipstick! :(
I was SOOO pumped that this one was going to be a nude colour too! I'm usually a heavy eye-makeup kinda gal, so I like peach & nude lip finishes. aaaaaand I'm so happy that the lipstick is in the amplified creme finish-- super moisturizing for a lipstick!

I'll finish this post with two (very different) awesome videos I watched today:

Do you guys remember the days when the release of a music video was a huuuge deal? Are any of you old enough for that? I remember the anticipation leading up to a new music release-- the days before digital downloads & youtube... we would actually have to wait by the tv or radio to hear the latest singles. (and record them on cassette tape or on vhs! ahaha)


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