Wednesday, February 2, 2011

033: snow day

Since yesterday, the news was reporting the severity of the impending snow blizzard that would be hitting the Greater Toronto Area. 20-30 centimeters (or about 8 to 12 inches), and winds of about 50-70km/h ! From my facebook news feed, I was seeing that a lot of schools were already declaring snow days, even before the snow had begun falling. & this morning, my feed was flooded with word that most people had no school or weren't going to be going in to work! Did you get hit with the storm? Did you take the day off? What did you do?

We are still in the midst of preparations for the Chinese New Year, so we ended up doing some more 'baking', which I'll post some photos of tomorrow! And I wanted to give a quick thank you to Mai for identifying our last batch of Chinese New Year treats as "rosettes"!

We went outside and took some photos in the middle of the 'storm', which ended up being quite pretty... but I don't know how long the novelty will last, as it's preventing us from transitioning into our spring wardrobes :(

hair bow by lipgloss and black, glasses by derek cardigan, wool pea coat by talula babaton, shearling lined sweater from urban behavior, skull knit leggings from ebay, boots by emu.

the snow was just fluff (not packing snow) so we couldn't make any snowballs or snow men :( but at least it's easier to shovel when it's not so wet!

hat by lipgloss and black, leather jacket from ub, pink sweater from stitches (for $5! what the!), leopard jeans by silence+noise, pewter boots by doc martens

Well, enjoy the weather, wherever you are! & stay safe in the snow-- don't rush when you're driving anywhere!


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  1. love your snow day outfits! espesh the stitches sweater (aha, did you buy it this year? i think i've seen that or something like that @ work) and the ebay leggings. can't wait to see all the chinese new year foooooood! :D

  2. You are both so gorgeous!!! :D

    Emily and I didn't get hit too hard with the storm but we have still be busy doing business stuff! Please check out our stuff!! :)

    much love you lovely sisters!!!


  3. I NEED those skull leggings in my life, haha. Both of your outfits look very cute~ I spent my snow day in pajamas


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