Thursday, February 17, 2011

048: we're all born superstars

Today was our mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!
We got her a couple gifts & we all went out for a family dinner tonight. Altogether a good birthday day I think! (we got her a bit tipsy hahah).

prescrip sunnies from zenni optical, ub leather jacket, blnts denim shirt, xxiforevz necklace (altered a bit by me), bamboo miniskirt by L&B, vintage sheer maxi, jeffrey campbell pixie wedges

this was one of my value village 50% off finds! I actually found a maxi skirt with a sheer chiffon overlay... and decided to cut out the skirt itself & leave the overlay :) I originally intended to wear the maxi OVER my mini skirt but I think I like the dramatic look of the mini over the maxi? I'll try out both.

do you guys see the grass starting to peek out?! It was a warm couple of days, so the spring thaw JUST started happening. I'm not sure that this is it for winter but I'm hopeful! I can already FEEL my dresses jumping out of my closet :)

Stitches Dress & Belt. Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges

Aldo & Ardene Ring

It's kinda funny, we sometimes end up dressing in complimentary outfits on some days... i guess if you are usually going to the same functions & have similar sense of style, it's bound to happen though :)

One more thing...

I got my Jeffrey Campbell Litas in the mail today. Originally, I wasn't THAT into these, but somehow after seeing tons & tons of outfits on blogs featuring these, I've fallen in love with the silhouette. The amazing thing is that even though they're 5 inches, they're ridiculously comfortable! The incline of your foot isn't too great & there's lots of ankle support! I haven't worn them out yet cause I'm still debating whether I should keep them or not (got issues with NOT being evergreen), but I'm falling in love with them real quick. What do you think? Love or hate Litas?


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  1. I find the shoe to be odd lol I like your other ones I can see why you worn't sure at first lol I'm sure they grow on you

  2. You girls are KILLING me! That mini over the maxi is making me grin from ear to ear, and that dress is from STITCHES?! I never would have though! You both have a nack for making in expensive things look PRICEY.

    Love it girls! ♥

  3. amazing skirt! LOVE all the sheerness!


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